Home Airsoft Funny Moments Cleveland Indoor Airsoft Action April 14, 2013

Cleveland Indoor Airsoft Action April 14, 2013

Cleveland Indoor Airsoft Action April 14, 2013

their mother or mental baby stairs all right you okay first I want see exactly where we’re gonna go to this so we don’t know there’s pretty much no one a good day we had anything all right I’ll be over here yeah this whole this whole levels in play here unless it says key values on the door on the door it’s all right so where’s Greer [ __ ] yeah all right major Semyon hallway no pull out of this match the word boned Kyle tonight rocki humoring you think a lot of people yeah walked in line I gotta get something goes down the hallway fair oh look it down that wall I’ll go I think you live all far future yeah I’m going around the wall very good everyone enjoy you wanted a home in roster nobody is wrong doing room doesn’t matter if they’re together and I just go home yeah I’m gonna go down like sheriff oh yeah all right of the play grandma top yeah they had the most cover but it’s not too bad to penetrate from back here so I figured I better go what you think it sucks you got a big yawn I just got this Lori go yeah I bring you any bud not just use the person all right you’re a good man all right so we got empty net matching game will start in three two one go Wow no that was a real grenade


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