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Classic Review – KWA SR7 & SR10

Classic Review – KWA SR7 & SR10

hey guys name from VIP airsoft here with what I consider to be the two best a EGS for around $300 the kwa sr 7 and the category sr 10 I’ve talked about the SR 10 in the krytac review and I thought that we should take a look at these classic guns let’s start with the SR 7 the stock is a normal crane stock but it houses a fuse make me easier to check and change but it limits your style of stock because it’s slightly harder to get off since you would have to remove the fuse first the body is an all-metal receiver with katywade trademarks and a unique serial number the highlight of this gun is the 2g x gearbox which is reinforced metal and slightly thicker than others it also features six nine millimeter bearings as opposed to the last gen four eight millimeter bearings and two nine millimeter bearings and higher than the common six seven millimeter bearings can’t even way you set problems with broken trigger posts and notice that so they threw a bunch of reinforcing materials at it until it became what it is now and now I would be pretty surprised if it broke on you the sights are standard 8 2 sights the back one is removable with thumb screws and the front sight is integrated into the barrel as a gas block but it can still be removed just not as easy as the back sight the rail is 7 inches long like the name says SR 7 and is one of my favorite quad rails this was me before key mods were popular but they are still very high quality metal rail the barrel and flash hider are standard and the barrel has 14 millimeter counterclockwise threads the accessories that are on this gun do not come with the gun but you can purchase them on our store such as the Magpul railed vertical grip the Bravo Peck box and the NC star rogue red dot sight let’s jump up to my personal favorite the SR 10 there’s not a huge difference they even both shoot between 350 and 400 FPS the body has the same unique serial number or a different unique serial number or I don’t know there’s a unique serial number too the rail is ten inches long and the barrel is sixteen inches making this more of a field gun but back in the day that did not stop me from throwing a crawler barrel in it and using it at this arena the accessories I’ve put on here that don’t come with the gun are a Magpul angled forward grip an NC star v ATF lbm flashlight and an NC star mark three scope we here at VIP thoroughly enjoy and see star this is a part where I say something witty it’s a transition to the shooting segment all right guys so we’re gonna be shooting from here in blue tower down to red tower I’m going to shoot 20 shots and see how accurate this will be from here today the kt boy has our 10 and sr 7 have really amazing trigger response with a 9.

6 volt battery which is my favorite part of this gun you don’t need a lipo to have really great trigger response and i think that’s one of the biggest highlights people will find with this gun they won’t have to shell out the more money they can just use their 9 6 that they already have alright guys so as you can see it’s a pretty accurate gun considering we were all the way over there most of the rounds did hit I did have to get it sighted in at first which is by the first few miss which wasn’t the guns fault it was the sight was way off it was way up into the right and so the bb’s were going down into the left but after I got that sighted in even on full auto as you can see I mean I got a few right in the middle right there so this is just a very accurate gun alright guys so for the SR seven we’re gonna be shooting a bit closer these it is a shorter gun so we’re gonna be shooting around half the distance so there’s where we were shooting before here’s what we’re shooting now and there’s what we’re shooting from so it’s still a pretty good distance especially for a CQB gun so we’re gonna see how the sr7 performs from that distance alright guys so like I said these are my favorite AE G’s especially around the $300 price point the only gun that has really come close to these recently were the Crytek the SPR and the PDW I believe they were called those were the two that came closest to these two guns I think in however long these guns have been out and I even said that in that review now I think that these are still the king of the $300 price point I do think the Crytek’s are a really good option as well though so if you want maybe the the Crytek stock you like the brand more you like the keymod rails that they put on their guns anything like that I think go with Crytek but if you want quad rails or you want the category name or the very reinforced gearbox that’s in here any of those things I say go kwa but that’s just my opinion of course it’s up to you so it may be coming to our lock in store check both of these guns out the som yes r7 also take a look at those Crytek’s while you’re here see what you like is paying 300 always for an airsoft gun really worth it though I think it is especially if you want to get into this sport a lot of people pay more than that for these guns they’ll buy this and I’ll upgrade it or they’ll buy a polar sir or something like that it is not that uncommon to spend that much on an airsoft gun and if you’re going to do it you might as well do it right with a katieb us are 10s are seven or even one of the Crytek’s guys come in and check these guns out or order one online at our online store I’m Nate from VIP ask them Busta Busta Busta


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