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Classic Army Gearbox Stress Test (Airsoft Gun)

Classic Army Gearbox Stress Test (Airsoft Gun)

what’s going on everybody I’m Josh I got some pretty special free today what we have right here is a classic arming gear box straight out of a CA m110 Comstock with nine millimeter bearing bushings it’s got a quick change screen system low resistance silver wiring and inline mosfet and it’s also wired to Dean’s but it’ll come with a Tamiya adapter in case you don’t have batteries wired endings what we’re gonna do today we’re gonna just test the hell out of it well is gonna take a little while let’s speed things up a little bit if you want to see the stress test unmodified be sure to check the link inside the description alright let’s crack it open and see what happened first thing that we notice is that the motor is super hot it’s also worth noting that the motor is a little melted towards the bottom probably due to the fact that I didn’t shut the power off right away once those gearbox stopped shooting alright let’s get into the actual gearbox well the first casualty was the spring guide at first glance the internals looked to be in great condition the trigger contact show no sign of melting which means that the MOSFET lasted the entire length of the stress test the piston shows a little sign of wear but that’s normal considering that it was just shooting for almost seven minutes straight the gears are in great condition no sign of stripping or anything no sign of cracking for the shell of the gearbox and the trigger contexts are cool to the touch all right guys let’s dump everything up so after six minutes 52 seconds we’ll call it six minutes 50 seconds considering it took me a little while to press that stop button the gearbox is in excellent condition there was no cracking on the shell the gears itself worn stripped they’re actually in pretty good condition the piston had a little bit wear towards the back end but that’s normal considering the situation it was just put through and the trigger contacts were cool to the touch that means that MOSFETs doing its job the only real damage done to the gearbox was that the spring got broke that’s probably because it fell over during testing and started bouncing around I was my bad I probably should have secured it better other than that I’d say it’s a pretty successful stress test thanks for checking out this video guys be sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed what you saw and and share this video


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