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Chickadee’s Airsoft loadout (Fall)

Chickadee’s Airsoft loadout (Fall)

okay so this is tango don’t airsoft and I am chickadee 13 on the Black Hawk airsoft Minnesota team so I will start with my gun this is a cyma CML 48 su ak-47 this is a foaming stock and has real would you have adjustable sights it’s a cool feature and this is 390 to 430 fps you can get one off of evike comm for one hundred sixty four bucks so yeah this is a nice gun and I will have a Palmer mag coming on the way which I will have it by next week and I’ll have a review on this gun itself so now I will start with my loadout I just have a kind of tender desert vest right here with some pouches where I can put bb’s cartridges whatever I have a fanny pack right here where I hold co2 cartridges spare eye protection whatever I need us kind of backpack desert I guess you could say I just have regular khaki pants with these desert boots I got these at crazy gyms in Brainerd Minnesota so you can pick these up for around 35 bucks they’re really nice I have a Lancer tactical fast helmet right here I have an American flag badge on there along with Lancer tactical goggles which you have a kind of cleaning thing on the back that’s nice that’s about all I have with my loadout weight I do have a camo t-shirt on top of this shirt like right here so that’s just stuff I found around the house I haven’t had enough money to afford camo yet and these are fingerless gloves which I’m saving up for a pair of mechanics or asking for it for Christmas yeah I will have more videos up please subscribe to the epic frog 3 to 84 I will provide that information in the description below and yeah check out my channel or other videos


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