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well this is grey i just woke up here in Cydonia (milsim) and… this is my new vest you´ve been seen it in last videos and so many people asked about what is that new vest Grey is carring its an AVS by Emerson there is other version by TMC in some aspects are better and finally you have the superior version by crye obviously, is the real one i really like it, i decided to take it in multicam cause the AVS is in multicam to me although you can find pics of MARSOC with AVS in Coyote colour man, its the new JPC the first time i´ve seen it was in “Extraordinaire”, a youtube channel its a guy from US and shows gear like 1 or 2 years before i even know it exists its awesome one of the Pros is the harness system with the lighter option that looks like a JPC 2.

0 taking of the harness and just with the cummer its very very confortable open the shoulder and the cummer and you can unfold it so you dont need to take of the helmet maybe it doesnt sounds great, but in some situations its very practical for instance, last night we were on a mountain waiting, and i droped the vest i love how you can adjust by sections so you can get the perfect fit the plate to the shoulder, also in the back to dont wear the plate to baggy and, in the cummer you can mount it with 1, 2 or 3 strap version i decided to dont mount anyone i really liked the 1 strap version cause i´ve seen it in a Special Forces video Green Berets and its awesome, but it just doesnt work to me about the Cons, to me has been way dificult to adjust it it took a lot of time and games to play with it, cause you can adjust the back but later the shoulder its too tight like this here, it looks shorter than this other so you adjust it, and you carry the weight in one single shoulder and.

… it was a lot of time to me about the config, its very simple i use a triple magazine pouch cause it just works and i can use it with m4 and mp7 magazines without trouble California patch a pen frim Ranger Shop a notebook, ptt u94 by z tactical moving to the side it would close here like this other side what is confortable its keep one cummer close and get in by the side carabine so good to carry anything like the go pro cam, so you dont have to carry on your head all time in a milsim electric tape, IR chem light a single magazine pouch for an extra mag or grenade this other one is used to carry the go pro batterys the last part is the zip pannel is the assault version some SF use it its minimal pockets for grenade and the lower pouch i can use it to carry everything in this milsim; to carry the case with the NOD we always read all the comments, we cant answer everyone though to us is very importante your opinion and interest in the channel


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