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the DEA heads the special units division a common elite unit with multiple services Terrorism and arms trafficking are often linked to drug trafficking the DEA is allowed to prosecute a new kind of criminal we all move in the same direction we distribute the loads to be transported I need a volunteer to guide our troops to the objective Hi guys, it’s JIM from the airsoft team called TRAC you will discover my adventure on CASA DEL PATRON operation this operation was organized by COLLEC’TEAM members for COLLEC’TEAM members operation CASA DEL PATRON opposes two camps NARCOS vs DEA NARCOS occupy a territory where they grow and manufacture their drugs The DEA, which I embody, is dropped at the northern end of the territory We will have to establish an advanced command (FOB) on the EL PATRON lands Hence the obligation for us to transport all our equipment.

We must put an end to this traffic by neutralizing its sicarios after collected enough evidence to indict him in American courts. Obviously, EL PATRON does not intend to be invaded let alone be judged by courts that he does not consider to be legitimate .

.. Guys ! we leave our equipment here 90° right, straight to the FOB location so…we leave all equipment here and we come back after must be done quickly JIM to RECON group, we are on the way to the FOB point.

over ok, slow progression and discreet because there are movements in the forest JIM to HAMZA JIM here, speak ! Hamza : 2 PAX down but they are noisy, reinforcements can happen 2 TACOS down ! we must quickly join recon group RASTABAD : what is your situation ? HAMZA: Jim, come to our side, we’ll make a line of progression the threat is indirect, I have no eye contact Here is the situation .

.. my side, the DEA have no opportunity to reload in ammunition and we could not respawn yet until we set up our forward command post called the FOB HAMZA and SKYNOX went on reconnaissance and opened the way for the bulk of our troops.

They spotted and neutralized two NARCOS It is possible that other NARCOS are called in reinforcement. We spotted the location of our FOB I take on the left flank while a DEA squad turned back to get all of our equipment and thus mount our command post allowing us, for the rest of this OP to reload guns and respawn in game here JIM, it’s exactly 1 hour and 5 minutes that we are deployed over can we make a point on the wounded? VINC is hit two times.

.. you have wounded guys on your position? Vincent is in a wheelchair but he’s fine! we have less than 20% of wounded guys no definitive death for the moment what is this explosion? what was this explosion? we install the barnum guys! do not worry, we’ve just exploded the drug field wonderful ! SKYUTA : VEGAS AND DETROIT, back on the FOB ! Our FOB is finally mounted instead of a drug field that squad Vegas has sprinkled with gasoline and detonated Speaking of squad, here’s how the DEA is organized We are about thirty people in 3 squads Los Angeles, Vegas and Detroit Skyuta is our commander It coordinates our actions according to the objectives that we must accomplish.

Since this FOB we can reload but only every hour. The dead will be able to play again from this FOB. we must destroy the remaining drug fields and a laboratory hut We will use gasoline jerricannes of 20l each and explosives manipulable only by our artificers there is a ditch on the left, it is passable? water inside? it’s dry do you see something ? shots fire from 50 or 60 meters he is 30 meters in front of me 20 meters do you see him? got it ! once out of the game, a squad of narcos will grab my DEA badge “a good DEA agent is a dead agent” it’s a NARCOS saying! as a result, they collect our badges that crossing this forest would cost us too much we decided to do the grand tour.

Always with our jericanne of 20kg necessary to the destruction of the laboratory. The goal is to cross their enemy lines without being spotted and thus reach the laboratory. We can have time. We must act quickly.

we have to cross the forest otherwise we will be discovered when arriving on the fort Jim to SKYUTA we are at 50m from the lab… copy you are behind the enemies line stay low we are spotted… it’s me ! the lab is clear ? jerricane guys! JIM to SKYUTA ! the lab is down, i repeat the lab is down copy, come back to the FOB and take enemies on their back copy ! JIM to SKYUTA ! SKYUTA : speak ! we was engaged at the lab exit.

.. the lab is definitly down we are going to take the back of enemies.over shots fire ! shit ! HAMZA : DEA ? DEA ! SKYUTA : reporting ! we are on the back of enemies but they are all down we just met some DEA teammates front of us the area is clear permission to return to the FOB to be heal? SKYUTA : affirmative, go back to the FOB General withdrawal on the FOB to heal JIM, it looks like a playmobil! you just miss a little hole to put inside your.

… With the squad DETROIT we are located at the edge of the villa of EL PATRON it’s certainly very well guarded. We must retrieve evidence in the form of a photo to indict EL PATRON. Squad Vegas and LOS ANGELES have already collected computer equipment belonging to him The evidence is piling up .

.. and the vise is closing! this way ! follow me ! this building front of me ! GO GO GO ! move ! dead end ! second guy with him ! follow him ! nothing ? i found 2 photos ! did you take them? HAMZA : Do you come? I do not know which entry? upthere ! i saw him ! hamza : damn it ! thank you bro ! we can go up there! we have to split in two groups don’t move your head his sleeve, I think.

.. i’ll try another window to hit him i see him I’m going to open the window without him seeing me he don’t see me…i can shoot him got it ! are you ok ? i’m good let’s go back to not get a grenade keep this position enemies try to climb up, one down HIT ! NICE ! cocaine has a strong liberating effect it’s a disinhibitant that makes you want to talk someone who is not very talkative often closed, can become a true champion of the chat LOS ANGELES in position DETROIT here, copy C4 ! DETROIT to LOS ANGELES and SKYUTA in position the bomb is laid but not armed yet LOS ANGELES here, copy you will be the first to enter I would be the second i prepared a smoke grenade DETROIT in position LOS ANGELES is ready.

.. I launch the smoke ! explosion in 3…2…1… DEA ! DEA ! DEA ! move ! on the terrace ! reloading go inside guys ! dead end guys ! please, take my grenade in my backpack shield on the front ! we reform a column! stop column drugs ! left or right ? front of me ! they shot us from the terrace MEDIC in progress DETROIT to SKYUTA do you hear me ? speak we are in position on the center building we have EL PATRON LOS ANGELES is with DETROIT over SKYUTA : well done guys ! bring me back that mustache! i want him now I treated him! he is neat but he is feigning! EL PATRON : I am treated but I feel bad we’ll take good care of you you are already busy enough I’ve seen what you do! you have a nice villa EL PATRON si, she was new before you arrived you have exploded my door! Anyway, your villa is going to explode! you will lose everything and end up in a hole everyone his thing, I prefer blow up some chicas while you prefer blow up doors.

.. DETROIT we have to move now ! i need two guys to open the way it’s my day of kindness a last wish if you want my last wish is that you follow me to my place you will be well received can we cross the building? normally we can do it find a door guys ! watch the terraces guys! come on EL PATRON ! watch your head cover ! where thoses shots come from ? good ? move behind the machin gunner ! no man left behind ! need a medic here ! DETROIT to SKYUTA : we left the building we start the extraction phase estimate time 20 minutes over copy I do not really want to go to your FOB especially by the right side.

.. someone have scotch? are you going to close his mouth? heu…..????? I’m choking! I feel bad, I feel very bad I can not breathe how do i do to smoke now ???????? i’m JIM fron DEA a have a deal for you I just need documents photos, deed of ownership I propose an exchange, you give me these documents we give you back EL PATRON we meet at the FOB guys it’s JIM DEA, what do you think it’s the business of the century! OK no problem ! we’re going to negotiate stuff the place of the rendezvous .

… on the bridge ! guys ! I set the rules you will have the meeting place in a few minutes we’ll talk again in 10 minutes guys collect the papers we prepare EL PATRON for the exchange over it does not work that way at all go on the bridge .

… don’t move ! don’t move ! on the floor ! on the floor ! put on your belly ! on your belly ! obey or you’re dead! hands in the back ! hands in the back ! hands in the back ! you fucked up EL PATRON! I thought you were someone civilized intelligent and able to understand alone against 6 it is a joke ! what ? do you want to see your family again? turn around ! move guys ! sit down ! quietly Shit, my knee is on fire .

.. it’s hard to bear. In short we have EL PATRON, so far we are no more advanced … put a bullet between his eyes so that he closes his mouth definitely it’s not the methods of DEA … negotiations will lead nowhere, all NARCOS have a big mouth I do not know if it’s the drug that they consume but as much talk to a wall .

… it is a small in kiff destroying his drug face to him before returning home looking for evidences the prison is not an option. take the right It’ll be hot do you see someone ? distance ? pay attention to the terrace opposite one PAX front 50m reloading DEA DEA ! DEA guys watchout ! DEA here ! HAMZA : there is someone in the room here where ? the blue room, this one ? i’ll check it surrender ! DEA here ! DEA here ! ok good area clear DEA here ! when you’re ready, join HAMZA position we’re good ? make a point on ammunition movement on the roof, are there teamates upstairs? i don’t know.

..they’re some DEA upstairs ? watchout ! shield guy is down… son of the ….. I’m here with KAREN TANDIL, Administrator from DEA to announce the arrest of the international arms smuggler and two of his accomplices as part of an investigation into terrorism of arms trafficking What you just saw is what I like to imagine .

.. EL PATRON charged … but it’s not done yet and it’s only a matter of time since the DEA has gathered enough evidence against him. Our end goal is simple! put our bomb in the small building in the center of his villa.

But do not leave too confident … he has gathered all his SICARIOS for the released, he is now cloistered in the villa, weapon in hand, whatever happens, he will not surrender easily. SKYNOX to CHIPO we are inside the building we are on the second floor DETROIT COPY SNIPER saturate it to let us in the building i keep the position last get in ! get in ! the guy under stairs is down go up! go up! go up! I hold the left you clear your right we have to go upstairs I move in parallel SKYNOX : it’s time to launch our smoke grenade I need to know if the roofs are clean? The main building is only partially secured .

.. NARCOS arrive from everywhere in incessant waves! the CHIPO team encounters a big opposition on one wing of the building. You must know that all NARCOS are under the influence of COCAINE we put them on the ground but if they manage to get a rail they go back to fight despite their injuries.

EL PATRON has taken refuge in the central building where we have to put our bomb … If we can make our bomb blows where he is, EL PATRON will be the first drug dealer in history on earth orbit … it’s impossible we lost 3 men trying to get out dead end LOS ANGELES here we just told me endgame copy ENDGAME ENDGAME ! We had a time to put the bomb .

.. the DEA did not succeed his last mission … we learn that EL PATRON fled … this is only the beginning of the story The second chapter is planned at the beginning of December. I hope you enjoyed this video, I enjoyed the editing Thank you COLLECTEAM, it was a great adventure.

This type of PO brings together everything I like. Adrenaline, team play, issues and friends. I made a video that summarizes this specific event rules link in the description below put a like if you enjoy this video see you later.

it was JIM. Over.


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