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Capture The Year 2018 (Airsoft game in Greece 07/01/2018)


After a long time, some new gameplay! Today’s game is a simple CTF game, with 2 revives per round, which lasts 30′. I apologize in advance for the shakyness in the video, I was not wearing a helmet, and the headmount wobbles a lot while moving abruptly, which is what you need to do in a cqb field to stay alive. Because I haven’t been to Greece for some time, all my weapons needed maintenance that I didn’t have time to do, so today I’m playing with loaned gear. As per usual, I play aggressively and mostly focus on eliminating the enemy team rather than changing flags and holding points. Playing with gear (belts/holster/vest/sling) that I’m not used to, you will see me fiddle a lot with it – and lose precious time. * Wave at friendly that I’ve spotted enemies and need cover to throw grenade. But we get compromised and I have to bail. Constantly moving and trying to flank your opponents is necessary in a cqb field – otherwise, you will get flanked yourself. – Quick, move out of th….. HIT. Here, I try a flanking maneuver at the start of the round.This always takes time and extra effort, but if done properly, will pay off. – Manda, where did you come from? England? All enemies eliminated here, I wave at friendlies at the other side that it’s clear to push. I spot two more enemies with their backs turned, I quickly move to get in the best possible position before I engage – and see if I spot any more high risk threats on the way. The dreaded Hi-Capa, I keep switching the safety on every time I pull the gun, and in this game I double check it’s disengaged every time I unholster it. I shot the enemy inside that was already down, as I couldn’t see his dead rag. I wave at friendlies to stop shooting, but they don’t seem to be getting the message.- What an utter plank! *Internationally recognizable gestures* Nearby enemy cracks up I see an enemy reviving another enemy, and get the best angle. – Contacts at the stairs are down. – Nice one, Manda! – We’re clear up to the stairwell. – Friendlies downstairs? – Downstairs clear. – Did you get us? – Yep. – Backstabbing %&^#@$ – Yup. – Friendlies downstairs? – Yes. – Moving down. – I’m on your six, go. I hit my pall here, but he didn’t realise it because I got him on the vest. Squared it later. – Cover, cover, cover. Grenade failed to explode. Aaaand that is all for now ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for watching. If you like this, click like and subscribe ! And tell your friends! ๐Ÿ™‚ .


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