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Capture the Inn 7.28.12

Capture the Inn 7.28.12

you you you get a little down and get there 30 dad please right next to it let me get there if they come up in the woodpile papi I turned it on for half a second we don’t get medically I’m not getting medical boards LOL increased oh ok if you’re hit just walk out you got in there hey boy hey when here right there yeah window yeah watch that when I through the future the windows out and another one where are they lock up guys gotta love him over there watching the Windows then they’re walk-in i am working still boring screams what let me go thank you mom both behind the bed of our time pause / me pause time in stones yeah great big from this great oh I’m start again for in 33 you can’t go into Windows a high ball right good I got one I got to I got three one can all day greed time go ahead like what are you take position watch that window yeah I got it going to separate rooms they save it we’re in a separate run to that side side bar room right there okay we’re not inside room check your corners you’re real good shouldn’t even cops ahead you know that relax relax really hmmm down where he’s keep up his head in the window my breath should arise over then go home and he’s sticking his neck out yeah I see three handle bag there’s only three you in here more neat one more oh do something cooler on the video yeah like a car wheel


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