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Capture the Flag – G36 JG | AIRSOFT GAMEPLAY w/ENG subtitles


Hello Airsofters! Welcome on my channel with brand new gameplay. This time I´m playing on a small local field with just some friends. We are playing Capture the Flag game. In first round we are attackers. I had immediately rushed the building. But only managed to get trade off kill. Going back to respawn. I´m breathing so heavy, because it was very hot outside. Moving to this part of the building with rooms to get closer to the enemy.Nobody is here. Moving back. We were hit from the back. Time to try it from other side. I see no enemies. Going for the flag. We got the flag. Now we must defend it. We want to cut off enemies from their spawn route. On this field it´s very to easy get hit from the back, because of amount of players and size of the field. We have won the first round. Now we are going to the second round. And again I´m rushing for the flag. This tome it is succesful. Not so smart idea to climb that hill. Everything is OK. Goog to go. Beccause we were defending and captured the flag at the beginning of the round it is little bi boring now. So we have finished the round and absolutely won. Thank you for watching and see you next time. .


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