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Capsule Corp. Airsoft España | Airsoft Events – Rajolar Factory (Vinalesa) | Wind of Betrayal

Capsule Corp. Airsoft España | Airsoft Events – Rajolar Factory (Vinalesa) | Wind of Betrayal

Wiset: When you push the Hop-Up… Go:When you pull it gets hard. Well that happens to me -Xema: Ok, I won’t say anything Wiset: They do the signal -Rhoads: Ok let’s go. Take this Rhoads: Let’s follow them and see what happens Rhoads: Seems like it’s works no? Rhoads: The camera annoys you? Rhoads: The VFC looks great, all in metal.

.. Player: The D-Boys one is metal and wood as well Referee: You must protect the balloons and then the VIP. Simple. 3 players respawn Referee: The balloons ain’t made of kevlar, but if you can’t breack them try closer Player: Are they taking positions? -Rhoads: Yeah I guess so Referee: 337fps.

.. 0,20? No, 0,30 at least. So it’s about 380fps, ok? -Wiset: Ok Wiset: I need to be in long range. -Xema: Ok better, because my replica would die soon Rhoads: Dude it’s heavy! Xema: Can I try? -Wiset: Sure -Xema: Waahh god! Player: It is nice? -Xema: Yeah quite nice.

Not heavy at all… -Player: Oh fuck! Xema: Wow the Dragu, wooden Rhoads: More there. -Wiset: Too much wind.That ones are enemies? -Rhoads: Yes Player: That’s it!. Care! Bridge. Do you see? -Rhoads: Yeah but the enemy is down as well Rhoads: One is down.

I think you hit him Player: Top, top! Player: It’s good that I wear goggles, or I’d lost my eye Wiset: Out! Ok, ok! Xema:This way! Run! Rhoads: Go is down Xema: Rhoads is there Wiset: Is it shooting? It doesn’t sound good -Xema: Yeah right? Maybe the battery.

.. Rhoads: OMG… I can’t play like this! -Wiset: They’re nuts…look look! Rhoads: It was epic. Epic you guys Rhoads: Out Player: Move! Wiset: He’s there! Right Wiset: Out, out! Rhoads: Referee, found this mag on the floor.

Referee: Leave it here Referee: Silcence! We’re going to do VIP mode again, but with some differences Referee: At my signal the traitors would start hunting their allies *Spanish bad joke, impossible to translate Rhoads: OMG that’s all?.

-Wiset: Really? It’s amazing! Referee: TRAITORS! Rhoads: You’re hit Player: It was already hard and now we have traitors Player: ok, ok out! Rhoads: Now you’re good right? -Player: Yeah now I’m good -Rhoads: No more traitor


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