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CampR&R OP:Dirty Hippie Airsoft Loadout

CampR&R OP:Dirty Hippie Airsoft Loadout

hey guys what’s going on i’m alex from just cuz games today we are doing an airsoft loadout video so march 26 me and zach will be attending an event called Operation dirty hippie it’s about six hours lon and it is taking place at Camp R&R so for this event zach is going to try and get a GoPro from its other cousins if he can he’s gonna be really one recording because I’ve I home a trick and everything and I’m not going to spend a bunch of money to get a GoPro mount just for that one game so that will be pretty cool um hopefully we can get some gameplay from it and that’d be pretty sick so without further ado let’s get into the load up video so starting out for my helmet rig we have some low profile mesh goggles i do not know what brand these are i don’t know where the pact you went for the marathon if I yeah all night so next up I am also wearing a lower face mesh mask and of course it’s the ultra tactical skull version which looks really freaking sick so I’m running that and then for my helmet I believe it’s the Emerson bomb helmet so I’m planning to get a GoPro and regime out for that for when i actually get a GoPro force next up that is my sleen into Lancer tactical sling not a very it’s kind of cheap on but it still works for what I need it for then that is my vulcan tactical shemagh it helps protect from neck shots which we all know are very freaking painful next up we have my frontline tactical backpack I just bought this backpack a while back at like a big five or something but it works out for what I need or I’ll be carrying bb’s maybe some stuff in case injuries happen and it also probably be carrying some magazines for Zach in my backpack since we’re going to be a squad and I’ll be carrying this bag for him because it does have many pockets next up we have my Falcon tactical hard knuckle gloves then hollered knuckles definitely protect from you get it shot there because that hurts a whole ton now I’ve never gotten Sean the finger myself or in the knuckles but I really don’t want to these gloves also have a bit of padding on the bottom so if you get shot in the hand under your hand it will not hurt quite as bad so next up we have my dump pouch in this dump pouch I like to carry many things including tape like that just in case and I also carry magazines like that in my dump helps i use this dump pouch more for carrying full magazines than empty ones because i don’t really have the mag pouches separate from the best i have which is only only has m4 mag pouches next up we have my utility knife it has a ton of tools on it this is a really important tool to have for a long game so guys that’ll be it for this video hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you guys in the next video peace member


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