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Camara ICU TACTICAM Airsoft Review en Español HD

Camara ICU TACTICAM Airsoft Review en Español HD

I like them Let’s all today bring us a review of a replica or extract something that reaches my hands and I find it very interesting that it is the first camera designed to go sophie exclusively for the soft is the camera of the brand and ceuta ctica that is this here as you can see has already put a gun so you can see how it looks it can also be put on any type of rifle and in any type of replica that carries riis on the one hand you can see this this box which is where it was located where it brings us here so you can see the camera then brings us this rubber to be able to hold what is coming being the cable that leads with the button and then inside brings us the charging cable that is a simple micro usb like that of mobile phones think not brings what has been the transformer to be able to load it and we have to use a charger that has usb or charge it on the computer or in any other source that we have later here brings us the instructions of use in several languages, including Spanish and I am going to explain a little operation to see that it is very simple on the one hand here you have the camera here you can see it it is only coupled with two screws to loosen we have placed in the river and then we will press and that’s it, it won’t be necessary to do anything else I’m going to remove it from here so that you can see well this is the rubber band here the You see and here the wiring with the button is a very light camera that weighs 27 grams is all plastic weighs very little this camera you can see that it records using a microsd card that goes inserted there and we can put a card of up to 32 gigs maximum we have long recording time, you have to think that the autonomy that the battery is about an hour so for an hour we can record without any problem after otherwise the resolution that you have this camera, the truth is that I would like to see if it is successful and they do it in high definition because today the best is all in high definition and the resolution is 1,280 x 960 and here you can see the anchor it has for reid, the operation is very simple to be able to turn it on, you just have to press and hold the button here what it takes and you see that there it lights up green It has two modes, you can do photo mode and video mode, we just have to move this tab here when we want to do photo mode we put it in photo mode and so just by pressing each time we tap the button, it takes a photo every time it blinks it is a photograph when we want to record it is put here in the recording mode and we keep it pressed for a moment of nothing and now you will see that starts to blink for I have turned it off, let’s turn it on, it is a brief a short press ok now it’s on let’s tap it now it’s recording when it flashes green, it is recording to end the video the same a light touch stops flashing and thus the micro sd is saved the recording if you don’t insert any card because you forgot or because that is extra and such do not worry that that moment is not immortalized so good because it won’t work if we extract it we try to turn on the led it will turn red and will not work at any time when it is If the battery is low, the green LED and the inside eye will light up at the same time flashing and it means that we have to charge it only with the charge with the connector here that you can see micro usb we will connect it will put the pilot colored red and when it is 100% charged it will turn green and the truth is that It is a camera that has no more secret here, you can see or upload some videos of this weekend that I will already record of tests with her to see how you see the truth that has a focus of up a meter is not much distance but hey I have been doing some testing on non-plaster surfaces and well looks pretty good to immortalize many areas especially in cube areas in wooded areas and in long distance areas it is not quite appreciated very good but in nearby areas for areas that you get with a gun especially and areas that covers the truth is that it looks very good and we can save moments that Let’s do our games well, its price is not excessively expensive.

leave the link below in the information box if you are interested in seeing more information to see other videos out there of reviews and for it to be used interest you can use it the truth is that it is very good option and when they made a camera it is precisely that we do not have to wear on the helmet that many times depending on how we move we do not It is well recorded and this where we aim with our replica will be recorded and registered here the 3 well I hope you liked it and if you buy it ‘jce let me know and I send a video or capture that you have taken with it if you liked it I hope you you can also follow me on facebook and share about this application if you found it interesting for your colleagues there is software come see you later haha ah to to my dad


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