Grey: shake it before, its too liquid VM: i remember one day at the bar one i was working on some senior ladies appears searching for party in Peñiscola, and they order… 3 pineapple malibu they were on a rounded table i fill the glass and i leave the pineapple ok?, i leave it there the lady take it, and i tell her: watch out lady, the bottle is already open and she do like she hit the bottle and cover of pineapple juice her friends wig Grey:.

…. lol no coments Grey: the video is not about the pineapple, not even about the lady is about layer system, and this is our new airsoft for noobs its been a long time i wanted to publish this content, since i recorded Walon´s cothes one by one but i was not sure at all to be me who explains how it works cause i been using this for short term but i joined kenny with Victor Mike cause they are the best choice to explain how it works BUT, the sound is not the best.

.. however i prefered to keep it cause it has funny moments like the pinapple and the lady all those FAQS like, why i got a shoftshell and im sweating like a pig in 10 mins or i I shelter a lot and I go cold anyways all those questions will be solved i do know this video won get too many visits but sometimes we like to do this kind of stuff that saves this info and yo can check it when you need it PLUS, who in this world doesnt want to see how kenny eats a fucking rack of pork? Kenny, im sure they will fo some memes about, this bastards.

.. VM: is just a way to identify what clothes wear depending of the time Level 1: is a first layer its a technical shirt is the first piece you wear is really thin is to let out the sweat there are some lvl 1 that are a kind of a light thermal t-shirt VM: can be a cotton t-shirt a lvl1?? no why? because cotton gets wet so it doesnt work you need technical fibers, that doesnt gets wet fibers wich cant absorb water that the point to choose a lvl1 lvl2 is a long sleeve thermal shirt is wear next to skin is actually thin it shelters you like an old thic winter shirt but now has a tecnical materials is the best pijama a soldier can have lvl3 Kenny: lvl3 is to travel to bangladesh rip off 100 tedybears, sew it, and wear it it works like neoprene, you know, the water gets into the suit, it gets warm and once the water is warm you are fine lvl2 and lvl3 are similar.

inside there is air, you can warm up the air with your body temperature and thats what gives you confort lvl4 is super breatheable, what is really important if you wear a lvl4 is cause It’s very windy Kenny: but is not cold VM: yeap, but in the situation you are sweated, if its windy.

… we can say a medium tº of 12º 13º (celsius) its ok, is nice Kenny: but if you are wet, you get cold VM: if you are wet you are fucked up. Gray: is too tight Walon: hahah looks like i look like south park kenny Kenny: lvl5 is heavier and its weather resistant VM: the biggest difference to me is that the 5 is not as breatheable as the 4 that can be a problem but, about the construction, the brands use to place zippers the zippers you find under your arms big zippers on the front, that not to allow you to reach the gear those zippers are in there to let the warm air get out Kenny: lvl6 ir a raincoat VM: not agree VM: lvl6 is a membrane Kenny: watherproof all the membranes, even the best goretex created by goretex for Arc teryx ,in 3 layers bla bla all the membranes finally are not waterproof a rainjacket from decathlon can be a lvl6? in my opinion, no, i cant because, nevermind you are covered from the rain and wet for you own sweat though kenny: not agree, the raincoat im thinking about is the rain poncho, you are complete open by the sides the hood is the only part is tight VM: thats not a lvl6 though VM: lvl7 is a coat synthetic fabric, synthetic fleece Kenny: and dont even try to move with it VM: the external is windstoper it simply does tank into mordor its to be in static condition VM: you must understand what are the lvls works for you body works like a machine.

We generate hot and we have a work range and our work range is like 4 or 5º if you get lowº you get cold if you go too down you get hypothermia if you go lower you hit the ground moving up is the same, you get hot you start sweating, next step dehydration heatstroke and you hit the ground Grey: you always hit the ground VM: golden rules 1.

dont get cold, 2 dont get hot, 3 dont be hungry, 4 dont get thirsty we can add a 5. “keep you dry” if im a sweaty guy i´ll try to find clothes with tones of zippers in case i need, i can open all and let my body breath if is windy, you are like “fuck if i open i get cold, if not im sweating” open the zippers you jacket have under the arms, also the pockets helikon-tex has some in the back regardless of the heat or cold that you are going to be always always you must carry a thermal blanket this can really help in a fucked situation VM: i remember a milsim, where i helped a guy with one of this we saved him from a bad situation grey: well if after all this info you head is close to colaps its ok, dont worrie so im going to resume to introduce some conclusions to help you to understand all the first question probably is “do i need to buy all this clothes????” the answer is no, you dont you dont need have those 7 clothes and not exactly 7 pay attention, one of points was know your own body to understand how do you work if you used to get sweaty if cold never bothers you anyways and you´ll get some references to start But if you need some general advices and you want to know where do start i could tell you, lvl1 is so needed it can be an average running tshirt it wont save you to get wet under the vest but when you tak off the vest it will get dry faster than a cotton tshirt lvl2 is a must in every situation in your life, traveling, mountaineering, camping a basic thermal shirt will work like a lvl2 if you have a night game, you can take off your combat shirt, and wear lvl2 + lvl5 lvl3 is other from the basics you need it to get warm.

lvl7 is great but probably you wont be in that situation you need it lvl3 can be a regular fleece jacket if you can choose a tactical one, great but the point is to have one keypoint is the lvl5 but watch out cause when you buy a cheap lvl5 can be mixed with a lvl3 if is windstoper+fleece or simply is not fucking thin, it wont work you will know what does works for you and what doesnt and if you keep needing more levels acording with the games you play at the end of the day, remember this is important, cause otherwise, you hit the ground.


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