Home Airsoft Loadouts Calen’s ACU and Tan Airsoft Loadout – 8/7/14

Calen’s ACU and Tan Airsoft Loadout – 8/7/14

Calen’s ACU and Tan Airsoft Loadout – 8/7/14

Gailen complete denier stop this is my loadout everything you see here starting from top to bottom on the top we have a fast element I’m not exactly sure what brand this is but I bought it from a from my local store ACS airsoft there’ll be a annotation and a link to their channel around this area so click on that subscribe to them next we have my goggles these are just I think it’s tacked to the logs name is Briana they come with three different lenses dark you know Sun with sunny outside they have yellow ones for a nighttime you know whenever and then just normal dear ones next we have a motley tube this is made by uh this is actually made by Bonnie blanket next we have our matrix shemagh I have two of these this is my OD green one which I usually use skeleton gloves like glow-in-the-dark from dollar store how they were pretty cool so I bought them after that we have the combat machine 16 cm16 raider it’s a sea cqv gun right now I have a two Magpul rail covers on it these were 12 bucks apiece and a Magpul stock which I wrapped a bandage around just because it looks cool I’ll be handing this off the Raymond what I have holding it up was a Rothko sling this is single point sling this is probably the best purchase I have ever made this thing is seriously awesome next is probably the biggest thing you know this is a Lancer tactical play carrier it comes with one two three four five five double double mag mag holders and a admin pouch with a pistol pistol folder I have two high caps so you made caps I’m running in this and you know tactical scissors next I usually have kneepads I’m not wearing those right now and everything else just may see you jack is ACU pants and boots and that’s about it please like comment subscribe hope you enjoyed please like comment subscribe all your sports appreciated


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