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Caleb’s Airsoft Loadout

Caleb’s Airsoft Loadout

you hey guys what’s going on outlaw airsofting and today and you’d be doing my first video on my channel this is it just my channel we’re a team and this is my loadout there’s three other load outs I think that are going to be coming out we have one people just three sold ones you have camera right now but yeah so let’s get on to this so first I’m going to start here with my head you also have a light so I can’t you can see it better first I’m gonna start with my head gear I have a lense went through tactical fast helmet and I also wear flat Jack goggles if you get over my plate carrier there is a admin pouch a radio and three open top in for dump pouches I run late I run KW A’s big caps and then there’s a high cap in that one but that’s just because I played today my cousin and if you look over to here I run a condor dump pouch and I’m gonna flip this thing on the back i have a condor back plot backpack / hydration carrier there’s the one thing that leads to the front and it’s just like got a few patches if you look in there there is a hydration carrier yeah but and that’s the my helmet so yeah that’s pretty much all my loadout let me turn it around with quick and she’ll hotel alright that’s pretty much my love it out I think I’m gonna do a video and had to build this cross to put your ear on it’s just a good wage three-year this is my first one so there’s like some marks like over here and aren’t very good it doesn’t look very good but this is just my first one but yeah here’s my loadout if you liked this video give it a comment give it a like subscribe and yeah that’s all I’ve got for today


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