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hello welcome to the only tribe we meet today to discover a novelty which was transmitted to us by our partner of a distribution its lanark classic army 4 laces at an ocean available in black and anne classic armor returns to the market with a wide range of products including the gold leaf series of which this replica is part in the package on will find the replica in the company of its high-k metal mag a bag of marbles a double stick battery 9 6 thousand six hundred million terror and its charger combat and black a tactical grip a cleaning rod and documents of use let’s move on to the exterior design of this ca 4 to 1 e is a so this replica is made of nylon fibers and abs of very good sound quality template is suitable for cqb as outside some elements are in metal and gives it a total weight of 2 kg 41 for a size of 690 mm to 775 mm crosby with the outside changes a little by the installation of a rail are two parts but not usual to those seen on other n 4 on the market and as good the exterior in more detail it is therefore composed of a hides the soul how metal mounted in 14 mm whole hours on an external metal barrel harry are two parts the upper part in nylon fibers and the lower part of square shape in metal offering 4 eyed peas katy ni and measure 205 mm two folding and removable metal sights its nylon fiber hanover mood receive classic army markings as well as two models of the replica its design close to the vendor in this visually pleasing reply we find a beautiful non-functional catch a selector window waste cartridges dummy and its eject button load and all this metal without cocking lever will allow access to the settings of the aubin then its handle in abs a blow of metal butt equipped with an endearing ambidextrous and its stick fear in abs allowing to install a good boat there and we finish by metal eyes cap 310 charger when maintaining the internal characteristics of the station bugs this replica receives a metal boxing war v2 version wiring complete silver plated motor aitor metal gears spring guide on polycarbonate piston bearing and its head the eyelash a concrete incident and 9 mm boots the rosso replica also with precision guns 6.

03 to mount on a metal code type g 36 but also weapons in the sky directly integrated into the wiring in the cross tube allowing electrical protection is the best energy charges from your batteries it also proves operate on battery for this 4 volts out of the box as indicated on the seals package will be housed in France which will delight the players wishing graduated hugues or simply maintain the oracle xla gearbox with quick change to the springs which breaks it easy when dismantling interest let’s move on to the cronie envy tests 0.

20 lipo battery its junk we pass a test at 20 m with the c4 at an ocean classic army directly on the cl we go all there we pass a little ball after foul therefore with this replica at a distance of 20 m with the 6.

03 barrel we obtain results which are very pleasant then run one or two balls there was a trajectory a little of the time and waters know a tendency to from the right and the left in my opinion they can only temperature to get a little cold so that can have a huge impact on the trajectory of the league with cool we evoke a little short to the people and their distances in front of the result are taken into account this is the date we pass we stay on mannequins of 40 meters in 10 0 wind with the c4 at one ocean from classic harvey we go all there we switch to full mode mendy are shopping tricards with his monthly traffic will be the max distance vincent that we have a level of eph leaves quite well since we are in below 300 ref ts but the precision at its distances and largely accounting for the movement in sowing and a little less precise than I would not have to wait on the other hand in full almost all the balls go on the 24 here is wide of the ca 4 to an ocean from classic army marketed by reruns finished you can find these products in all cats provende official honors dm broadcast found all links dm airsoft review in the video description to our youtube channel and facebook page we are counting on you i will would say a low rate gambling yeah


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