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Bye Bye Tooth | Airsoft Noob Gun Destroys!

Bye Bye Tooth | Airsoft Noob Gun Destroys!

Hey guys just letting you know October 14th I’m going to be at airsoft Con in California at the evike mega store make sure to stop on by and grab yourself some stickers and say hello if you guys are in The area, I will see you there.

Anyways to the video. Sorry dude. Oh my god. Are you okay? Are you okay? You okay? You okay? Hello everybody walked to a brand new airsoft gameplay video today I’m using the $70 shitty spring gun that I had in my last video you guys wanted me to do a gameplay with it And I didn’t think I’d do good, but oh my god Did I destroy I hope you guys enjoyed this video And if you do remember to leave a like in a sub Should we get in, should we go in, should we go in? Let’s go Poi.

Poi go! So I literally had to cock this gun between each shot and the only problem was People could not feel the hits even when I hit them point-blank Dude dude. Call your hits! Oh hit I GOT A KILL! I GOT A KILL WITH IT! The Tim Hortons loudener was exactly what I needed.

Have I not hit you? You’ll also notice I didn’t bother putting a reticle on the scope cam that’s because this gun sort of shot wherever it wanted to There was no aiming it other than pointing it in general directions AH *Laughing* Gun Hit! GUN HIT? Come on man! Yes AH! Don’t shoot! No! AH! I will give you a sticker, I’ll give you a sticker, I’ll give you a sticker Okay wait I’m coming to the window Don’t don’t shoot don’t shoot Don’t shoot.

Don’t Shoot, don’t you I’m coming around the corner. Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. Okay? Here, Here HERE HERE! HERE! Ok let me go back to my spot Let me go back to my spot Ah don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! Okay, okay, we’re back.

I’m not here. I don’t know what you’re talking about Did I actually get you Yes! *Girly Laugh* Poi we’re looking good, dude So this gun kind of sounds like a hicap magazine, but it only holds like 20 rounds you have to like manually Automatically load it.

It’s really weird HIT They’re not calling their hits. They can’t feel it I got like eight people dude this It’s amazing after respawning I figured that spot was good enough to go back to so I grabbed this ride shield for my buddy here and moved back in With him to hold the doorway to the fortress Come come here come here with me, okay Ready go.

We got this okay? There in the front stay right behind me Stay behind, the out cover here, you’re fine, you’re fine. I’m going to move to that wall follow me You’re hitting my tim horton’s cup WHY Yeah, there’s one guy way out there.

I got the guy at window there were two Just have to reattach my attack salt err, stock That was off your head dude. Hey helmet guy that was off your head, eh HEY no blind fire, no blind fire! Sorry that was a little adult a blind fire is just dangerous you’re good your good your good Someone with the clear gun who’s holding the building come on give me back! Sorry dude.

Oh my god. Are you okay? Are you okay? You okay? You okay? Good all right, so yeah I may have sort of knocked that guy’s tooth out with that shot now in my defense I was aiming for his body, and it hit the windowsill and bounced up into his face But you know we’ll we’ll just we’ll just chalk that up to bad luck and not wearing face bro.

Sorry, dude Aw hit good shot dude good shot. Hey whoa partys over, eh woo Alright so the game was about to end and we still had to hold the fortress I decided to go back to my trusty clear Soft gun to do the job How are we looking? How are we looking? And across Switching it to full auto dude.

Hey just to let you know I’m switching my spring gun to full auto dude you better be careful Matthew can you go into the can you go into the little pathway there and shoot the guy on the other side of this wall Yes, yes Oh god take it back get back hide hide Poi, I need more firepower over here Shit Guys just keep saying pew PEW PEW PEW Full AUTO Nicely done guys spring guns for the win boy Yeah That’s it for this episode guys.

I hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed playing it That was a lot of fun even though I used my pistol and that clear soft gun I got tons of kills with that absolutely useless gun You know what maybe we’ll do a giveaway for that gun for 300,000 subscribers who knows let us know And I guess other than that we’ll see you guys on the next one (Subtitle Guy) I was the guy who got the riot shield and pushed with you!


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