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bulldog tactical gear lycan pack


One of the biggest questions I get is is the best one said guys this comes in massive 55 litres if you’re thinking well that’s too big don’t you know I don’t I almost thought of spent sort of money on that and not use the sort of use it as I should be able to use it but the great thing with this guy is the first male full male day sacked on the market MOLLE straps on the side right this bag is just so fast I know try and do several different videos over the over the next couple of weeks so you can actually see each pouch individually but I’m just gonna kind of give you an overview of what I think and what it’s like so okay what we’re gonna do we never quit look inside this pouch first all right this one I like to call my admin pouch as you can see you’ve got room for two small radios or radio batteries or anything that you want to keep secure tucked away and out of the way you’ve got pen pouches you got pouch pocket there for maps anything paperwork Lorex folders fit in there you’ve got another one and then this one I really like because I can actually fit my iPad in there that goes in there and you’ve got buckle clip lock it away it’s not gonna go anywhere other things you’ll see as well say we’ve got keys or something you want to strap down you can hook it onto there you’re not gonna move sheep are us as you can see it’s nice wide view you can two ways it so maybe you just one side of it come in grab your gear you can go other thing I like about this one for the front pouch you’ve also got this side always it with also see on the front here morale patches blood group no no knowledge II using you name it you can do it and if you really want to guys you can add more onto the front of here should you choose to I that’s enough loops there too like the gerber lmf on mf2 on there as well as they should you choose you can slap that on the front nextly gonna say guys is this this is an eight-litre small pocket another great invention this one too material their double stitch fingers nice big heavy stitching along there as well you also see drainage hole I hope you can see that drainage hole there as well guys and along the front Oh one-way zip again no compartment you can fit more gear in there absolutely awesome same again taking off and use another part of the day sack or even another piece of kit should you use also if you have Molly there as well say music dogs by their barking what you’ll see is Molly loops there same again
you can add you’ll see pressure straps top and bottom and a nice two litre house there as well things like water bottles I can fit my Jetboil in there and it stores it stoves at waiting nice and tight nice raise it going inside there again guys you got more scope for putting more bits of kit more paperwork don’t come for pencils nice deep pocket there as well nice really really nice like in that pouch so I’m a big fan of the the Bulldog pouches anyway but that it’s just that’s the icing on the cake what you’ll see here guys is a nice big handle there you probably thinking you know what’s that for but the idea of this as well if you strip the pouches away down to its bare bare bones you want to call it you can even take this nice big sized shoulder straps off the Balki come off when you just ripped it down restrictions on how much kit you can carry or take or your you’re having problems with with room you know you can literally stripped down to its bare bones and you can carry that on to anything there like that take off nice shoulder straps real spiky real nice bit of pad in there everything like nice cross stitched on there bit chunky Clips plenty of adjustment all the way through d-rings that’s the garden you know if the guide in the combat cheap through or your bladder through sternum strap moving on up we’ve got a nice cross stitch there nice big plastic solid chunky clip on there straight in there going anywhere and it’s mirrored exactly same on this side apart from the standard straps got the female on their way down the back of the de sac this is what you can probably see now is all this around here guys this is all there for padding so if you’ve kind a lot of bulky kit in there that is gonna take up a lot of the stress off your back and a nice big bottom of your back that’s actually really comforting that nice bit of padding there anybody waster up there and you’re thinking are no I don’t want to waste your right now waist strap of mine that isn’t a problem guys what you can do this can be taken off there’s velcro inside that the whole piece will fall out or come away undo this structure and the actual belt it’s another great design or another great feature of the the like on that can then be the pouches you’ve got on here and then attach you can add magazine pouches and you’ve got yourself a nice low-profile belt kit which is absolutely awesome and also on here you’ve got more room for adjustment now carry
handle there it’s a release compression straps and I really like about this guy’s in there same again single one way zip really heavy-duty really locking about this bag as well hard wearing absolutely basic this is probably the biggest a sacks are probably used and probably covered or ever use to Mike my career anything next thing up from what I use is burdened but this is definitely something you could use up on the hills away you know even if you want to you know double your kids or out with the family and you takin all this a day at the park or something you can carry everything in this bag and I’m blown away with it one thing I did miss or I didn’t say is this this is the back is extra three liter compartment which you carry three liter bag just so you can see you can see that’s like you see how it fits it’s actually really come don’t actually notice it and the other thing you probably say is that big old piece of hooking leave there and you’ve got a bat protector or a back plate there as well so that will mold to your back right what is it guys that is the like on an absolutely superb piece of get really impressed with it I I think even the price wouldn’t bother me because that’s how much you really like this bag and if you get on the UK MC pro website at the moment guys they’ve got a 10% discount plus I think it’s free postage as well so if you’re looking for a bargain you’re looking for it basic go for this one it’s so versatile but what we’re gonna do it the next hopefully a couple of weeks I’m gonna strip down to it’s as well write the check them out I’d love to get your feedback let me know have you used one of these before let me know I’d love to know all right guys this is Schnitzer military survival I see you in the next one you


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