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Budget Line: Airsoft Loadout $200 (Evike)

Budget Line: Airsoft Loadout $200 (Evike)

hello but it says John home hand airsoft and uh yeah this is gonna be the budget line episode 2 or like 34 the yeah two for the eve like the ebike I can also do airsoft GI for the ebike $200 um price range so let’s get an electric gun here and we’re just gonna get the same mp7 because a type holiday and you know a good gun really well we’ll get that or all right okay well look boobies first let’s check out the sound blaster I know that sounds Oh covers okay so we’re just going to get this one the rail covers and the four groups including so might as well so now let’s go through a magazine and we’ll just get one mid-cap get a mid-cap this one seems big good and Kurt so you’ve got this straight here eight bucks until what okay so apparently we got that fruit okay we get that for free congratulations you’ve your you are eligible for one gift up to 16 dollar value your free gifts okay we’re not going to get that we’re gonna get a face mask or tactical gear a pillow and let’s go and get that sweet glow in the dark face mask that is just boss it’s like long dark then get 60 bucks I’m pretty sure if not we’ll just get another one okay okay fifteen bucks perfect its just oh my god this thing is boss it just looks it just looks funny so let’s add that we get that for free so we don’t have to worry about that it sort of matches the zombie look like yes so this will be a zombie loadout now I’m just up um so now let’s go let’s get that mad okay i’m just gonna click on this then oh come on i only have a certain amount of time only i only have 10 minutes for some reason so it’s gonna make kept weekend me that goes you like Scott mask over there that looks [ __ ] Oh God oh yeah this is ok so let’s see if we can get a green one nope stuck with you game okay nine bucks nothing finna 130 rounds that’s pretty good I don’t know what that comes with but I’m just going to assume it’s a high kept so yeah so we’re just the belt to get to our 100 dollar limit we have 200 so that’s in good part I mean that’s good let’s go peril now we’re going to get a some goggles come on because like I said we don’t need a chest drink so we’ll get a chest rig if we have that for extra so let’s get some goggles that are too much but then again at too low so we’ll go like a fine like maybe 20 bucks 2015 I don’t ever get mesh like that tan one night they don’t ever get mesh because they’re just not that good so let’s try and get a 10-1 okay 18 bucks I’ve not to bed it’s not terribly bed so add that to cart and we’ve got 107 books for their right now so you’ve got a gun and all that so we definitely have room to get a molle vest because we saved and I got that free face mask which was awesome so let’s go and get a Molly chest break here I think different just freaks I’ll go with Jess tricks for now oh let’s go high to low since we have we actually have a lot of money left over because you know we got but freeze things so that really helped out a lot I guess in this case so it’s trying to find a molle vest quick six minutes in a seven now come on hurry up perfect so this is what it comes with now we’re just going to need babies and we could actually afford another so let’s get some babies first I’m going to speed loaded two and then if we have room for extra things will get some mag pulse like sleek him hold mag sorry about that guys if you can you have phone sorry about that come on I don’t have a lot of job so sorry about the phone come here so 24,000 round I’m gonna know that still got a lot of money so yeah you can definitely get some a magpul it’s like koi max like this right here magazine Utah Suri’s not so let’s get free pack and we’ll get a mag just to go with it so that one more mad I had that the cart and fit what’s good a high cap because we do at sink yeah we got enough money to get a hicap electric mag catch him come on that’s gonna be tight man this is gonna be tight oh oh wait oh ok we’ll just gonna make captions right there oh this is so cool oh don’t like it okay click it oh my god this is this is oh you know I’m so stupid i could just put okay there you go guys um yeah so you got the zombie horse thing i guess i don’t know i gotta go this is gonna be close so here’s a quick little overview everything i hope you guys enjoyed by subscribe it really helps


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