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Budget Airsoft- Beretta PM12S Springer

Budget Airsoft- Beretta PM12S Springer

hey wassup guys airsoft man 8:19 back again with another airsoft gun review this is one of the three guns I’m going to be reviewing this week this is the MRX beretta PM 12s spring powered submachine gun this gun retails for somewhere around thirty dollars its spring action has a I think almost a 200 round high-capacity magazine and it’s mostly comprised of plastic this is another video in my budget airsoft airsoft gun series so if you’re not on a budget you want something a little bit nicer you might want to watch a different review this review is for people who don’t have a lot of money but want to have a good gun for backyard Wars for their dollar and that’s what this is beretta PM series of submachine guns was introduced in the late 50s and used all the way through the 60s into the early 70s most of these were chambered in 9 millimeter they had I think a 30 round magazine a wire folding stock they were semi and full automatic just to give you a little bit of history on the real gun now this gun obviously it’s not full semi or fully automatic because it is a spring gun you can see here this does not have the folding stock there is no stock on this gun which may basically makes a giant pistol or carbine whatever you want to call it it is pump action to fire the gun what you do is normally on the beretta PM series the charging handle would be right here on this gun it’s just molded in to [ __ ] the gun you want to push the foregrip backwards and that’s how you [ __ ] a gun obviously you fire it after that we have a thumb safety right here um up for safe you cannot pull the trigger down for fire now you can the trigger is a bit stiff which is something I noticed on this gun but the safety does do a good job and clicks nice and positive into place your magazine release is down here here is your magazine it holds 17 rounds in the front and has a reservoir where you can store more just like the Crossman stinger r39 i just reviewed so you want to fill your bb’s in the bottom there I think it holds 160 something 170 something something like that you close that up and to low biddies into the front portion you simply pull the follower down here lock it to the side and you just want to shake it until the bb’s fill this front portion and then you just unlock the follower and you’re good to go hold 17 in the front which is a decent amount the magazine fits in the gun nice and tight you want your feeding nozzle be facing forward towards the front of the barrel when you insert it fits nice and snugly inside the gun to release it you just pull your magazine latch forward and pull the magazine out it is a bit of a stiff fit it might break in over time but just how it is now you have an aperture rear sight you have a peep right there and you have a exposed post on the front so those are your sights the sights aren’t too great but they do the job you have a rotating sling swivel on the back here and you also have another one on the front here does not have a whole lot of metal there are a few metal parts on the inside the inner barrel if you can’t see in there is in fact metal but other than that there’s really not a whole lot of metal parts on the gun the accuracy you’ll get with point 12 gram ammunition you’ll get around 300 feet per second with 0.

2 grain munition you’ll get around 240 250 I would recommend using point two gram ammunition for the best accuracy and with 0.2 gram ammunition this gun can reach out to well over a hundred feet accuracy is where this gun excels it is an extremely accurate gun especially for of the barrel length and the price you also have a false grip safety down here this would be a grip safety on the real beretta PM 12s on this it does not function as a safety it just pivots down there I will even show you guys that it does not work so let me [ __ ] the gun okay you can see I’m not depressing the safety and I can still fire the gun so do not rely on this as a grip safety because it does not work so this has been my quick review on the beretta PM 12s spring-powered submachine gun buy Umarex it’s a nice gun for the money retails around $30 it’s nice and lightweight nice and solid and it’s easy to pump the rounds off really quick with this gun so guys I hope you enjoyed the review see you later


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