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BTS: Site Updates, New Brands & More!

BTS: Site Updates, New Brands & More!

Hey what’s up everyone, Instinct here for a new video today and in this video we will give you a look of what is going on behind the screens here at Reconbrothers. There’s actually a lot going on behind the scenes so we picked a few topics to talk about today of which one is the big update on our platform.

Here we mainly updated our gear and gun page, since this was heavily outdated and now you guys can see the stuff we actually use during this period. Other things that were upgraded were for example the recommended brands, we took some brands off, added some just to give you guys a more updated view on what we recommend.

There’s a lot of other pages that have been updated as well so check it out for yourself to find out. Our next topic is about the products and brands we added to our shop lately. Sordin is one of our latest additions.

This is for example the Sordin Mil CC which is our testing sample to make decent review for you guys since you have been asking about it and we have to say the first results look very good. So as you guys probably know, we both sell Sordin and the 3M Peltor headsets, but we also have a question for you guys.

What do you guys consider to be an acceptable price range for a headset with PTT? Let us know in the comments down below, so we can have a look into the available options for you guys. So another brand we just finished adding to our store is Streamlight.

This is an American brand which some of you guys may know, others not, but they are actually one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to light solutions. Both for firefighters, law enforcement, military, outdoor, industrial and so on Now we were looking for lights ourselves and we had the choice between Streamlight and Surefire and we obviously picked Streamlight since it is a bit more affordable and the quality is practically the same.

Obviously we made a selection within the tactical series since that is our core business. Also good to know is that they have a European warehouse which is beneficial for delivery times. And they also offer repairs and replacement within the EU.

So let’s have a quick look at the samples we got right here, this is the Protac Rail Mount 2 which I already mounted to my AR. Viper will have to wait until we do the review. The other light we have right here is a pistol light which is called the TLR-1 HL which will eventually also become a giveaway, so stay tuned for that.

We also have the TLR-7 which is a newer version incoming. Which we’ll be using on our own pistol, so we definitely can’t wait until we have those. So next up is a brand of which the product did not yet arrive on our shop, since we’re still in a testing phase but some of you guys already pointed out that we should get some clothing into our shop.

So as you can see i have a pair of pants here in my hands. It’s a brand that is being used by certain special forces here in EU, but also abroad. We were able to do some small tests with the pants and combat shirt in a few days that we’ve had them and we have to say they look very promising.

And they are also quite affordable as well. Next up is a product type we knew could not miss in our shop, here we’re talking about holster. More specifically custom Kydex holsters, for this we contacted a manufacturer that makes them both for airsoft as well as for firearms since the dimensions can differ.

Now the thing is that this company has so many customization options for all the different types of holsters, we are literally talking about hundreds of thousands of options. So now we’re having a look on how to best implement it into our shop.

So besides adding brands to our shop we also removed some in the past couple of Months. Now this has multiple reasons. Some were removed because we just didn’t get good pricings which wouldn’t make sense to sell them to you guys.

For example Coldsteel. The pricing was just way too high when you compare them to Coldsteel themselves, so you better get them from there. Other brands like ACTinBlack were removed, but the collaboration is still standing since we are looking into how to make it legal for us to sell them as well as which models and what casings are legal for you guys to possess.

As you may know the products we talked about as well as the products we offer in our shop are mainly made here in Europe. Now the thing is that these products are mostly as good as, if not better, as the American products and we think that deserve some attention as well.

This often results in the products being cheaper as well. Now a fun fact is that the people here in Europe mainly are looking for American brands, but vice versa is also true. We have weekly shipments going to America of American customers buying our EU products.

How ironic is that? But it also proves a thing, it proves that the EU products here deserve more attention and that they are definitely a competitor to the American brands. So let’s jump back a bit onto the legal part.

We often have customers requesting for ballistic plates and helmets which mostly come from servicemen or sport shooters who want to protect themselves. The thing with these is that we have to go through a lot of documents to make sure we are selling legal stuff and that you are also allowed to own it.

Once all of that is done we should be able to sell them to you as well. To finish today’s video we have a small announcement to make we are nearly out of our stock of our patch so we decided to get the stock refilled.

Now unfortunately the manufacturer who made these is no longer able to make them, so we had to look for a new one. These are the new patches and we must say we love them much more and we already placed them on our carriers.

So from now on you can get these instead of these separately or with our combo packs for free through our shop shop.reconbrothers.com So guys that was it for this video thanks for watching make sure to like, subscribe, hit the bell button to stay notified and we’ll see you next week.

… So to finish the video of today, we have a small announcement to make, we are nearly out of our stock of the “patchkes” …


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