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BOSSMODUS! Wild Mountain Airsoft Gameplay – PART 2 [ENG SUBTITLES]

BOSSMODUS! Wild Mountain Airsoft Gameplay – PART 2 [ENG SUBTITLES]

We are in the Netherlands, on the field “Wild Mountain” I go up, cover the left side Got him, haha Right side! I am going to switch to a machine gun now They just explained the next gamemode to us in Dutch From what I understood there is someone on the field With a leatherjacket, we have to get to him Catch him And torture him I really don’t know if I translated that correctly Or if they take it serious But let’s go for it anyway Hold up, hold up, hold up *Switches fire mode* “Can I move forward?” Yes, hold on Watch out for the left side Somebody is still inside the house Cover this position Jacek, don’t let anyone pass “Somebody is over there, house 31” Where? “House 31” Anyone inside this house? “I don’t know” -Ok Guys, cover that position We are going to get him “Somebody at the corner” What the hell?! “He hit me aswell” Why did he shoot at us? “He is allowed to do that” Come on, let’s get him “Are we moving further?” Hold on, there is some action over there One went into house 8 Take care, I think the hostage entered the house again I am not sure though, I will fall back now “Blue or red?” Ok, he is out Noo.

. (teammate hit) Nobody left over here We need to get to the hostage The enemies are getting close already “The left side is clear right now” “I just saw him walk through the middle” We need to get closer to him So the left side is clear, huh? Nice, I definitely hit his hand I think he is out He is definitely out We have to get the hostage Got him I only hit his hand again Cover me, I am moving Hey hey, left.

. uh….right side! Jacek, move to the house to our left Instantly take cover Got him “You empty?” Yup Jacek, enemy in house 60, hold on I have to reload Let’s get closer to house 60, Jacek I am talking about that building “Hit!” Pascal! “I see a sniper” -Yes, I saw him aswell Watch out, get down “Hit!” Are you covering the building? “At the corner on the right” He is out Did he call it? Got him Where is he? Point your weapon is his direction Check the window of the next building Take out the guy on the left I think the red team.

. no wait the blue team Ok the red team I think the red team got the hostage anyway Game over “Tell me about your last round” We don’t do that anymore “Really?” Nope You know, our tactical polish guy Jacek is actually really skilled even if we make fun of him Have a look at his JPC The tactical polish guy wanted to have a JPC with Krpytek Highlander camo How long ago? 2 years? “Yes, approximately” But it was not available so the tactical polish guy took his tactical sewing machine And he tactically sewed the camo onto the JPC himself So there you go, he is quite skilled ‘”Thank you, thank you” Shoutout to the tactical polish guy Blue Is he out? This one, is he out? “I don’t know.



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