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[Bolt 416 DEVGRU canon long – Bolt Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[Bolt 416 DEVGRU canon long – Bolt Airsoft] Présentation  | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the Bolt 416 DEVGRU extended barrel version from Bolt Airsoft This bb gun is available in black color but by searching on Bolt Airsoft Japan website, I found a picture of a TAN Version Thus, as DEVGRU classical version, we can expect to see in the future, this bb gun in this color in France Th bb gun is delivered in the same box as the classic DEVGRU model, as shown on the illustration Only the reference on the side stickers inform us about the model reference Velocity and color data are present but not filled Inside of box cover has plastic foam reinforcements at strategic points for a better protection of the content Inside the box, we first have a testing certificate announcing an average velocity of 339,43 FPS But you will see later on this video that I have different results during chrony test phase Next, we will find 2 different Bolt airsoft stickers A useful user manual completely translated in good French But as the box, this one uses illustrations of the classic DEVGRU model But no soucy, there are very differences between the 2 models, and it is also true for exploded view We will find again, an 300 bbs high cap magazine In the accessories box, you will find additionnal wiring cables for the bb gun Fixed on the bb gun, you will find a Bolt airsoft patch And to conclude, we will have the long barrel Bolt 416 Devgru bb gun, attached with velcro attachs Flash hider is made of steel, upper body and barrel is made of metal alloy ABS parts are the front grip, the pistol grip and the stock Painted markings are not realistic, selector marking are relief engraved Regarding sling attachs, a double one is available on the front Another one at the base of the stock tube On each side of the stock, a quick detach attach receiver is available And a last sling attach is available on the top of the stock 4 RIS rails are available on each side of the bb gun Firing selector lever is well marked, you have to push and pull strongly Front and rear sights can be detached if needed And can be adjusted Personnaly, I don’t like it and prefer using an additionnal aiming system Outer barrel can be easily unscrewed and we are then able to see the inner barrel This one is lengthwise striped To unmount the flash hider, you will need an Allen key The outer barrel offers a 14mm clockwise screw thread The front grip is very classical, to adjust it, just unscrew the base and slide it, no axial play to note Regarding stock, as classic model, it is still specific to France as original model has not this stock type A little case is available on this one IT can be adjusted thanks to a dedicated lever Battery case is in the butt stock, to dismount it, push on each side and pull Wiring is mini Tamiya type It is impossible to put the battery in stock tube since it contains the BRRS recoil shock system Bad surprise for me at reception when I removed the butt stock One of the plastic attach base was broken Fortunately, the missing attach is not mandatory Regarding space, it is very very tinny and only a small Lipo type battery will fit in case Personnaly I use a 7.

4V 13000mAh Turnigy Lipo battery with a 168mm height Some axial play can be noted on the stock The magazone is a 300 bbs metal high cap magazine, fits finishing is quite correct Introduction is ok but some axial play can be again be noted When ejecting magazine, you will need to help it a little To access to hop-up unit, you need tu pull the arming lever To conclude, Bolt airsoft offers us a very nice bb gun Even if it is not completely compliant to original model Finishing is very good and shooting characteristics are excellent Mainly due to its standard high torque motor its consolidated internal parts and its very good inner barrel But i’m still disappointed by the Vltor type stock as initial model Because of the lack of space for battery and fragility of the closing attachs The main good point for me is the BRSS recoil shock system It is one of the best for me, even compared to Marui system And it is also compatible with standard magazines and batteries, out of box This bb gun will please players looking for good playing sensations and good performance out of the box for a cheap price Thank you for watching Be sure to like and share if you appeciated this video Considere subscribing to be notified of next release See you soon in upcoming video


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