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Blaster A180 AW + Luger P08 6″ WE – REVIEW AIRSOFT

Blaster A180 AW + Luger P08 6″ WE – REVIEW AIRSOFT

Hello everyone and welcome to this new Star Wars airsoft replica presentation video! Today, I’m going to present the Jyn Erso’s A180 Blaster, and the base used for the custom:the 6 inch Luger P08. This replica of A180 was made by the manufacturer “Armorer Works”.

Remember, this isn’t the first time I present you with a work from Armorer Works! They have already done the Blaster DL-44 that I already presented to you previously. Ladies and gentlemen good evening, we were on a M712 from WE reworked on his bed of additional accessories all accompanied by a dummy scope.

Well… it wasn’t really me, it was Neo035… there I am Jyn! Hey, why did you chose an alcohol name? You are doing product placement ??? You could have taken another. Once this custom was released, so I took the opportunity to order from a shitty shop.

Shitty shop I won’t mention him, even if the temptation is very high, because it could still make him advertisement… Why shitty shop? When we send two packages: one of this size and another of the same length but finer, we don’t send it in a simple envelope of bubble wrap.

How do you want to hope that, in a simple envelope, passes the sorting center in Roissy? No chance! So I received an disemboweled envelope with the Scotch post as well as the mention “received in the state”, and in it there was only one of the two boxes.

It’s a shame, it’s not me who accepted the package, otherwise I would have refused it, although I wouldn’t have dared, we don’t know what we expect at the base, we don’t know that there are two boxes, I thought there was only one.

.. So I received the gun and not the custom kit. So I don’t know what it’s going to serve them at the sorting center in Roissy… Obviously, I can’t make a claim since it’s the sender who must make one.

After multiple troubles, through the police station, I was able to get the value of the kit, so 100€. So I just revealed the price: the kit is worth 100€, the gun itself is worth 100€. (109,90€ on Airsoft Entrepot (not customized)).

If you only want to order the conversion kit, because you already have a P08 6 inches for example, it’s possible, there are some adaptations to make. To prepare your replica to the custom, it will be necessary: – Make holes at the right places on the sides and below.

There are 4 holes to make + one below to fix a Phillips screw. We have allen screws on the side, provided in the kit, and a Phillips screw underneath. – You will obviously have to remove the foresight so that the barrel can pass in it.

It’s removable because simply glued. – And it will sander the left door, which is here chrome, which actually comes from the aluminum version of the P08. On the original Luger, we have a black door. Now let’s talk about the custom itself: It’s made of aluminum and I have tried to blue it but without success, there is a treatment over it, but it doesn’t matter, I preferred to put paint.

The original look of the custom is like that, so too new. When we compare with a photo of the film, we see that there are differences. We have a good base, but I decided to complete by painting this black ring here, as well as the lower part.

I took the opportunity to spend a very light touch of black paint and a rag with White Spirit behind to give it a small patina. Should I even say a patina… pale. But it was a bad joke… At the same time we are in the context, and it’s now or never, it will be the last customized video Star wars, I have no others after, I’ve already shown everything.

.. To do your manipulations, don’t hesitate to use the “masking tape”, to avoid putting on everywhere and make a mess on everything. And yet, about mess, I know many things! Obviously, as the brand of the base replica is a WE, the magazines are still compatible.

But Armorer Works has, once again, customized its magazines (there is always WE marking BTW) And they changed the color of the joint (and the hop-up block)! Small key to recognize the AW magazine. We see that it’s exactly the same joints, it’s just to look pretty! I know it’s possible to reproduce this kit with a 3D printer, because it’s fashion at the moment, it will still start from this version, it’s up to you to find the kit, or the plans to do it yourself, but you have to know it’s possible.

Regarding shooting performance, whether it’s the Luger or the A180, we have the same problem as for the P08 4″ from WE already presented in another video, although we have a small evolution thanks to the length of the gun, but for this, I invite you to rediscover the video in question, the link is in the description.

But I won’t come back in details: the hop-up is rotten. We tried, thanks to a friend, to improve it with a 3D printer… It has worsened more than anything else. The hop-up is set from below, so it’s a hop-down.

.. But the advantage is that the 6-inch gun is longer, so the BB’s will be better guided, hop-up to zero. In BB’s, I will advise the 0.25g, there is less dispersion. Moreover, I also admire the manufacture of the kit from Armorer Works, we can see here that the adjustment is made to the nearest millimeter: if a hair comes over the bolt, it blocks.

And I’m not kidding. It’s really a great job. In both kits, we find the same things: the gun, a magazine, allen keys, a user manual. And in the A180 kit, we find the kit itself, and the screws! Funny, A180.

.. It looks like a name from Airbus! Attention: always as usual with all guns of Luger WE: I just percuss, you need to cock again if I want to insert a new magazine. At the risk of breaking your firing pin.

There, it blocks, it must not force, otherwise it breaks. It’s necessary to cock, we insert the magazine, and there we can rearm to be able to shoot. Obviously if we reach the end of the gas tank and there are still BB’s in there, so there is no bolt catch, it’s also necessary to open the bolt before extracting the magazine.

Do not force, if you force, it will break. However, until now, my colleagues presented the out of the box version. Except that I could not resist to push the realism to the point of customizing the custom.

… to obtain the version as close as possible of the film. To do this, we must add the following steps: I cut the safety lever. In the film it isn’t there. I just cut the top to keep the mechanism from the bottom.

I added a screw use it with a screwdriver. Attention, this manipulation can exclude you from certain associations, this gun having no more security, it becomes dangerous. Do this only if you are sure of yourself.

I also sanded the “Sicherheit” on the side. And I also removed the upper part of the ears here. Not those ones. Right here. We had a ledge before, which I removed, to match with the film’s version. And finally, I removed adjustable sight.

So we don’t have anything to aim, so for the firing tests, it was complicated. We can’t do precision shooting with that. We use the direction of the arm, we see what it gives, and we contravene. I took the opportunity to partially sand the replica, so on the tops, on the sides for later use aluminum black.

I didn’t do it everywhere (anyway, it’s useless on the front), but suddenly it gives a little used look really “realistic”. I imagine it’s possible to make this custom on a Luger version 4 inches, but I don’t recommend it, already because you won’t have the sight to remove, so we don’t have the same form ; and it would be a shame to have a little barrel when we can have a longer one.

.. A longer barrel… I know what I’m talking about… It tells you to send your mobile number, to be able to see… MY SAUSAGE. I challenge Armorer Works: Next step is Krennic’s DT-29? MP40 based? Well, to put the magazines, it may be complicated.

.. By the way, when we go on the Wikia page of the Star Wars site, and we type A180, we can find this illustration. Funny, it looks like a lot… We will even have the “15” here, which is strangely WE! So they used MY replica to make this custom.

I provided the accessory to the film! Written and directed by J.J. Abrams Accessoiries by Neo035 I am green. I recycle everything, even my jokes. It’s beautiful to dream… Sorry In fact, a guy on YouTube had fun transforming this kit (airsoft base) into an electronic version.

.. which makes a lot of fun. Honestly, I love it! Dude, if you see this video, congrats! To return to the P08 6 inches which served as base, it’s necessary… You have to go to vote Marine (french far right).

Why do you want I vote Marine…? Are you stupid? I said no politics in my videos. AH YES! It’s a P08 6 inches for the “KriegsMARINE”!!! Obviously, none of the markings present is realistic, except the 1915 on the top, but it allows to recognize the model when artists make customs, so it’s pretty cool.

Example. You will be able to sweat to adapt wooden grips for real P08, but I don’t advise you, the grips here are finer than the original ones, it’s a chance to weaken the wood and to break it at the slightest brutal manipulation.

There is a last version of the P08 level length: the Artillery version, with an 8 inch gun. I’ll show it to you maybe someday… if you offer it to me. If you want to get this gun, to put a kit A180 or not, made in 3D printer or not.

.. you can find the link of the shop Airsoft Entrepot, I thank them for the reduction of a few hundred cents to present it to you. You will also need to equip a holster for the 6-inch version to store it.

It’s pretty easy to find it on eBay, but it’s more expensive than the classic holster. You can have an extra magazine in an outside pocket, as well as the dismounting key that would be placed here. It isn’t provided, too bad.

.. Tanaka put it with it. You can use it in airsoft without restriction, I don’t mind, on the other hand in reconstruction Wehrmacht classic it won’t pass, it’s too specific, it’s not regulatory, except for Officer Kriegsmarine, or to make the Chicago 1929, why not? After, it’s a collector’s item.

.. But suddenly, we’re not on the artillery, but it’s time to take out Speedo the Snail!! To know a little more about this baby, I invite you to discover my video on the Luger P08 4 inches WE, the link is in the description.

We will now go to the shooting test: on target and then an outdoor range test! (roughly between 15 and 20m without hop-up, otherwise the range is reduced: it’s GBB last chance!) Here is what concludes this video of presentation of airsoft gun, I hope that it will have pleased you! If so, don’t hesitate to leave a blue thumb, a comment, to subscribe and share this video.

Do not hesitate to visit Tipeee to support me! This is one of the means at your disposal to support me! And I give you appointment soon for a new presentation video replica of airsoft, Denix replica, uniform or VIP review! Hello! Directed by Neo035 With the support of Airsoft Entrepot Thank you all for your loyalty!


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