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BlackStorm Airsoft / Patient Zero (Zombies)

BlackStorm Airsoft / Patient Zero (Zombies)

Hi! Today program: Zombies, the Spetnaz and villagers angry! The day begins with a review by the Spetnaz, my classmates did not know I was going to play a role … Their goal is to find the original carrier of the virus that spreads Z on the globe Face their harsh methods and their abuses, the population of a remote village will raise .

.. They just founded a leader … To put myself in the character that will shirt “Canadian trapper style” but always with the MP7… Note that I recently started using a EOTEC copy … And yes I am a rebel, I make roulades .

.. The objective here is to capture a Spetnaz pilot his helicopter crashed not far from here … He is right in front on my left … On the other side of the hedge, Hitman and Nadey (HM) halt our progress towards it.

Pimouss has what it takes to clear the horizon … Glock change, I went from a 18 to a 19, I have small hands;) And now back to our camp! His capture will give us more information about our opponent and such information to the next part .

.. Now, the goal is to isolate and recover the opposing leader “Traitor” (A small balancing is done by teams during the game) Teacher (BKS) on top of her “7th” art Last part of the day and not least, a wave of Zombies, Spetnaz and villagers turn .

.. I’m the last man … Some have still a PA … I hope you enjoyed, let me your comments, subscribe and feel free to share very soon for new parts. Thank you to the Hotel Moscow!


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