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Blackout Airsoft JUNGLE/CQB Gameplay [deutsch]

Blackout Airsoft JUNGLE/CQB Gameplay [deutsch]

Hey guys, before you see our video from today I’ve got a little hint for you We presented Blackout Airsoft in Didam to you And in the following you can see our game play there. But we saw that you asked some questions in the comments That’s why I want to say something to answer the questions Can you just drive with your weapons to the Netherlands? No! That’s very important! Someone answered, if you lock them, then it’s possible But no, you can’t In the Netherlands there is the NABV and it’s responsible for stuff like that They take care that we don’t just drive with our weapons to the Netherlands, this means If Blackout Airsoft does an event they have to invite you and you have to register via NABV You get a pdf document from them and have to print it If needed, you have to show it to the police When we were on our way back to Germany, the police from the Netherlands even stopped us Then we had to show it It was no problem, but if you don’t have that form it will be a problem So please inform yourself before going to other countries with your weapons Second question was about the fps boarders I’m not quite sure so it’s your turn check out the homepage of Blackout Airsoft to inform yourself But I think it might be 360 fps as maximum Third question was about the pricing It’s just under 30€ In my opinion it’s very justified But you can decide this on your own, because you saw the field in our last video You can find some more information about the price online Just ask the guys of Blackout Airsoft they’re not mad answering you They can support you in German and in English as well That’s what we had to say now Have fun with the gameplay video You already got to know Blackout now in our last video Today there is the Game Play I’ll play in one team with Lara in the jungle And also with our friends of Airsoft Helden After this we’re going to CQB to play just in our small group Hope to hit the one or another Let’s see if I maybe have to play against Lara today Don’t hope so, because she’s an ansolute psycho when it comes to airsoft But have fun with the game play So we’re ready with loading ammo, let’s go to the jungle Jungle, that’s the name of the main area here The other ones already began, Justin and me will follow I will use my shotgun, hopefully I’ll have any chance Because it’s relatively small, but no CQB So just a jungle, let me see if I can hit anyone Let’s go Are you nervous? Yeees Attention, contact at 12 This way down Jan move forward to the wall Come to my position.

Look! My extension He’s out! Nice one Jan One this way R U out? What happened? – I got the flag! – Niiiice one Nice Jan! – The mag, I’m not quite sure if it works Well one was broken We go left, you stay right/middle right Yes you go right Attention! Contact! Stay down! Stay down! Go right in the building Jan Jacek backing! Come on! I’m right behind you – Take care of the tower Ah don’t know Where is the flag? I can’t see anyone – Me neither I’ll do a light Can you see anything? – Negative – Go backwards Out of way Jan Come here, I need you Cover my right side Backing! The flag is right behind me On your right side, everything is blue On the left side, they’re ahead They defend the flag as well now jan let’s move forward Over there are our people Can you see the pipe? – Yes Go inside there! – Give me some backing 1-2-3 Shall I go through? – My weapon is empty Where is the flag? One has to go from above – you go inside Jan how far are you? Go down! There is one sitting at the end of this pipe Got one Got the second one We’re shooting their spawn already Where is this damn flag? I’m empty guys, I’m empty Anyone who has a GLOCK magazine? Lara the weapon is down Too much sand I’m empty, have to go back to HQ I’m as well! – Let’s go back together Attention over there is contact! I’m empty, only have got one shot left Cover the right side Nice one Stay at the house He’s right in the bushes They got uns very far back So in position and take care for the flag RUN Hold them down! Fire! Fire! Me back? – Yes, you’ll go back Lara covering fire! For me, too Back! Next one! Back back back Yes we did it What kind of discussion? – Doesn’t matter, we did this nice Okay let’s go down over there It looks like this after the fight But let’s search Nick He went crazy and I was like keep calm, it’s only three shots Nick What’s going on? – Wait, I don’t want to sit here that decadent and antisocial while the cam is here Let’s change the perspective – So guys First game is done.

It was maybe 3 rounds Was capture the flag I hope you can see some more in the camera footage than I saw, because it was really dark But it was a nice experience it’s a completely different airsoft play Was kind of dark and kind of noisy Because there are tones from the speakers and sound effects and screaming soldiers Once I thought some of our people was screaming but it was from the speakers, so very nice I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes now If we had filmed directly after the game you would have been able to see how sweaty I was Well it was a completely different play We’re heading to the shooting cinema and the CQB now It’s like 2 1/2 floors here for the CQB area And they’re building an outdoor area as well, but that’s not opened So, CQB and shooting cinema Let me just acclimate and then we’ll meet again in game Jo Nick Let’s go on the upper floor.

Jan, are you ready? Part 2 gameplay we’re going to the CQB area now We can play there on our own, with our 7 people So it’s 4 against 3 We’re in the CQB area now That’s so nice you hopefully saw this already on Wednesday I’m a team with Lara and Alexandra So there are four against us.

You Martin, Jan and Joschi and that’s it, right? Yes, it’s four And have a look what I’ve got, wanted to show you this MK 23, such a nice thing I’ll take this thing in CQB and I’ve got my shotgun Lara takes her Amoeba, so she’s got some more shots Alex will play Glock Let’s do a pistol round only, too Justin you head over to the other team, my cams are on Laras cams are on as well, let’s go First round shot gun R U ready? Do we have a plan? The plan is to shoot the others Okay 5 4 3 2 1 GO I got you man This is so tight Lara cover this side Don’t shoot through this path You stupid bum You hit my ass Don’t shoot here, it’s safe zone HIT! Ah you dick face He hit my ass, too Jan you dump punk I saw your shadow Come over here Change your sides Climb up there Help me You cover the whole side Are you ready? 4,3,2,1 GO Did I hit you? No! – What no?! Nice Lara! Haha you’re shining like a Christmas tree I’m empty damn Over there in the extension Seven? I’m hit! I’m hit! I got shot so heavy, now it’s everyone against everyone It’s way too small to play in teams and act strategic And the others were just better But now everyone is free So Lara, we’re not in one team.

– Everyone one their position 3,2,1 GO Hey you are out?! – No, you didn’t got me, that’s why I was laughing I was only laughing because you didn’t hit me I thought you were out What didn’t I hit you? You did – Ahh I was sure haha Give me your gun You’re such a rat I thought you won End of game Or are you still in? Alex did it Next round teams of two I’m in one team with Lara.

Jan will play alone, because we’re seven But he’s crazy anyway Let’s go We’ll film again, I hope I won’t scream like a girl when I get hit like before I got hit a lot right? – Yes – Okay let’s go Are you ready? Yes – please don’t be that euphoric – YES We’re ready Alex is down and you and Jan, right? Oh no one knows where is Jan, nice as well 3,2, 1, Let’s go! – Cover this side Shoot this way Was there anything? Shoot again I got you! Did I get you? Lara cover the door I’m sure I hit you Lara shoot this way Change your position Come in In the house on the left! I got you three times! YES Did we win? I hope you liked the game play I didn’t rule that much today But Lara did Well, I’m scared a bit now.

– Lara come in front of the cam Lara is carrying our stuff while I’m only talking That fits This won’t have been the last time here because Lara and me we smelled blood Was so nice And I think you can see some stuff from us on the field of Blackout Airsoft again soon Okay we’re going home now, so move this way Okay, we have to go home and go this way this area is so heavy It’s so big The tube from the HPA is not as disturbing as I expected it to be it’s the very small tube, I chose this on purpose You like this right, very small tubes? From now on, I record everything Then I’ll say it again


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