Home Airsoft Loadouts BLACK AIRSOFT LOADOUT – Transformers Vest, 5.11 Brokos Belt, Emerson PJ Helmet

BLACK AIRSOFT LOADOUT – Transformers Vest, 5.11 Brokos Belt, Emerson PJ Helmet

BLACK AIRSOFT LOADOUT – Transformers Vest, 5.11 Brokos Belt, Emerson PJ Helmet

hey everyone this is mass through here I’ve got another loadout video for you guys and this time this is my full black loadout well basically full black sort of inspired from I guess SWAT Special Forces and some of you guys might recognize the Transformers best there I’m using the Emerson helmet with a tachyon HD there takeo not touch the camera on the side touched from wearing the black bear half face mask my trusty Swiss eye ballistic glasses with interchangeable lenses and the rest I guess we’ve seen before this is just my m4 my King Arms m4 and the mag pulled out now and all of that yeah a pretty simple one point sling like I said you guys might recognize the Transformers best I’m using fast fast mags there and for the sort of pouches pistol mags at the top and then to m4 or a no Stanek type mag ones for or might actually touch my best the top is the hillock on their leave it’s like the patrol shot and anyway is made by a leak on in full black and I’ll list everything in the description below there so they you know we all wanted any of these things you can just look you copy and paste it and here’s a slightly closer view of the helmet it’s pretty nice I would like you know it can take MV Gmail at the front and can attach night-vision if you’ve got all that stuff the mask is great for text from you know obviously if a Virginia and parts of your face broader most important part or breaking any of your teeth there’s a closer look at the best here’s you can also see I guess sort part on my breast here is the brokest it’s a 511 bro cost and BTech protocols battle belt and again I’ll list all these in the description and then over your better POVs later that is my holster for my 1911 although a universal hostess that will hold most guns apart from and guessing at desert eagle and so he’s my hatch X technique pads and broken not really lost cap speed years the Gulf’s I’m still using the Oakley si assault gloves again there’s a slight cut in them but that was a piece of glass rather in you know any other woodland damage or anything like that and the trousers are also made by hitting on there the ACU cut in well the ACU style as well the American old the old American then camo here you can see the pro cost battle Belle Toulouse Clara essentially takes any belt and then it uses that belt which we put through it and then obviously you know better than to yourself it’s got male attachments or what you need I’ve got another fast mag there’s you can see on my left side there on my rights it’s just attached to my holster which is quite nice okay so this is just a slight variation on that loadout they’re using em for I’m just using the I’m using my KGW m700 I’ve changed the black bear mesh base half face part in favor of a tighter fitting one it makes easier to look down your scope for this is more important with the sniper also hopefully you won’t be getting shot too much in the face that you know if you’re at further distance and I change the lenses to clear ones and set the black ones again just make it easier to look down the scope you don’t want you know what you need to see further distances you don’t want anything to get in the way of that it’s the same loadout it’s very and maneuverable and it’s a lot of mobility it’s not massive you know be heavy it’s because of the limitations or things that you can put on it means you can’t carry too much just the nature of it so you don’t end up carrying like a billion things you don’t need which I quite like those are quite tight fitting so it’s not bulky in any way as a matter a big or small point you know when thank you any bigger than you used to so it does make it hard to run or anything like that also case is to shoulder your weapons I find that quite important even with a big stock and like on this m700 of course you could ditch the two m4 mags down there and when using sniper there’s no need to carry those around because obviously the m700 doesn’t take those or there’s any other sniper really not proper bow action one anyway and you can take other pouches in there like I said it’s Molly so you can attach whatever the hell you want to wear those two fast mags are obviously having the fast mates with the mag pause I’ll make it extremely fast that also forgot to bring out my secondary I do use the right now anyway use the iwl Nighthawk custom 1911 there review of this on my channel so please check that if you want yeah that’s about it any questions please let me know just leaving the comments below and yeah like I said there’ll be a list of all of these this stuff below


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