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Biggest Smoke Grenade Ever – Airsoft


What’s up guys? I got this support package from Enorla Gay, here it says techniques and let’s see what’s inside We have: Oh my goodness, Damn that’s big! Okay, I’ve no idea what this is Maybe some explosive. I don’t know here we have What actually sent those? MK5 thunderflash usually a flashbang is here to you make everything super bright over Overwhelm your eyes and so loud it overwhelms your ears, so you can’t direct a few seconds but It’s the airsoft version. So maybe it’s just not as not as not a strong as the real one But then it wouldn’t make any sense anyone make any sense. We just try it I’m so curious to try them out. And here we have the the X um so I try to EG18 but those are the EG18X and they’re supposed to Blow up smoke when I pull the string on both sides and you can make those amazing pictures where Where just stand there and one of the smoke lines goes here one of the smoke clouds goes here So we are definitely Have to try those out okay, sizzle stopping sauce So area we are in currently it’s of Austria.It’s where I grew up. That’s my parents house that’s my Father’s work space and It’s in the middle of nowhere. You can literally do whatever the hell You want you can you can you can make a molotov cocktail it’s just throw it onto the open nobody will give a shit so we can test all those crazy things and Don’t care about police or the firefighters or anything like this. It’s just amazing let’s do this so the secret To never have wet shoes this Tape you just tape your shoes To your trousers, and way you will never have Any snow in your shoes all those connectors all of them Don’t work just wrap it with tape, and you’re good to go.Where did you learn this? Austrian Military because they didn’t have the proper equipment for this so we just brought tape ourselves No completely in the open There’s nothing we can destroy her paint or anything so Let’s just test one of those Thanks to nola gay by the way ha ha ha ha Yeah, I guess I Guess the problem with grenades is Once they go into the snow The smoke can’t escape let’s see Just imagine somebody somebody’s covering in here Take two oh Josh, I just pull that pull and then put it on the ground don’t throw it otherwise It was just the same thing will happen over there Shake it. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it and now put it in the ground Problem with those is that the more wind you have the less dense gets the smoke obviously Okay,
here.We go. Do you twist off the cap then you try? Okay, okay. I get it okay ah ha ha ha ha Throw it again put it down. And run away Yeah, they’re definitely for indoor use but yeah if you throw this in the woodland game everybody will just laugh at you And all okay also sent this here. I have no idea what it is and If it’s a big smoke grenade, I would like to take a picture like this but then if it’s explosive, it will rip my hands apart and All the other way around if I think it’s an explosive, and I throw it then smoke grenade Maybe it will go to the snow like this.We don’t have anything from it, so There’s a little description on it No idea it looks like some dynamite or something it’s so heavy what we’ll do is. Just make some cool pictures With the smoke Grenade hopefully this one otherwise It’s just for blast my hand into pieces it is explosive and got my gear on so we can make some Cooney . you like it looked like some Warrants for exploded at the whole wall covered like an entire City one of those epic look scenarios Where you only get one of those I wish I wish would always have one of those in backpack Because it’s the perfect retreat friend. Just you know throw the thing and Nobody can see have a message fine ology Yes, let me watch big one again and although you if you’re listening to this video, please say no like a You seeing this reshaping master of this big badass smoke grenades, but the tiny ones Sent them.Thank you now .


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