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Big Airsoft gun collection April 2014

Big Airsoft gun collection April 2014

sorry just jump down from a ladder my name is Douglas Thompson I’m an airsoft gun tech and you probably be looking at the back of my head a little bit I’m gonna try to work from the side here you look at my arms just to explain it sustained because I’ve been doing some cabinet work and I’m also sunburned so anyway so I’m gonna start off showing you my airsoft gun collection for this month of April and I’m gonna start off with this Frankenstein gun which I’m actually trying to sell there is absolutely nothing special about this gun other than it’s from various different companies you know parts from various different companies and it’s be scrapped yeah so it’s a move on from this we got the l85a2 carbine length by ICS and this is an AEG it has modifications both internally and externally the the biggest thing you’ll notice probably is if you hear the word carbine and the ICS lu5 you’re like well what about the handguard the handguard is usually a shorter handguard and you know the shorter barrel but actually just converted it to where like it accepts the standard length handguard and I guess that’s really the only external modification besides uh adding like a Picatinny rail up there I had the one made by ICS actually on here but I I I’ve made some modifications and put it towards my gas blowback version of this gun this is a great gun it has served me well I use it now as my primary backup not my primary but my primary backup because I do have other backups as well but if anything fails in the field I whip this out and then I’m good to go it’s not as satisfying to shoot because an aeg but it is still great performing gun and out of the box it shoots anywhere from 350 to 400 feet per second with the stock spring it has a quick change spring system proprietary to ICS and it’s the best quick change spring system I’ve ever used and it also has a special gearbox it’s not mounted in the gun really so much as these puppies to body pens out separate the receivers pull the gearbox out you’re good to go you can start working on it immediately it’s a great gun just a cheap little red dot on the top nothing special we shall move on next up we got this is a new gonna cut and it’s a gas blowback I’m actually selling this so I’m not gonna have it in my possession for the long but if you watch the video previously I made previously with the unboxing of the the walks WOC okay it originally included this rail which I don’t know the company that makes this but it’s a PWS MK 112 and I really like this rail design it’s too bad it didn’t fit on the the other one because the threads were not correct it had a different thread pattern but I put the regular front end on this gun because I’m selling it and my friend that’s purchasing it from me he likes to put on his all of his own stuff so I’m just I just gave it to him or I’m gonna sell to it in this basic most basic form he can upgrade his stock all the externals but whatever sight system he wants on there you can you know put a quad rail in front but I’m gonna keep this for a future project and I’ll make sure and update you whenever I include it in you know in a build but I will definitely use this the details of the gun it is a gas blowback like I said everything’s fully functional it’s waiting for a new piston actually so it’s not a firing order it does fire but it doesn’t load because the the loading nozzle is broken but it’s gas blowback as you can see and I’ll fire all again dry fire it not with a magazine but just so you can hear the nice Clank of the hammer hitting the the firing pin again let that sound a metal-on-metal give me a close look at the trades I’m not sure if you can see that but it is a navy seal lower receiver and this this side is actually why I’m not really interested in I’m not really into the whole Punisher logo whatever you want to call it I hope you can see that I think that’s lined up properly it’s a it’s a cool gun i it’s really lightweight for what it is I’m pretty sure it’s an aluminum upper low receiver similar to maybe not the same construction as a real one you know in terms of tolerances and whatnot but it’s a pretty close to weight and it’s got the you know the slimmer pistol grip because it’s gas boom well back doesn’t need room for that motor in their regular l le stock you know front end is a stock cool gun but it’s good to be out of my hands soon and let’s move on next up we have the mp7 by kwa and it’s a cool little gun I’ve done reviews on on almost all these guns that I’m showing you today I just wanted to give you an update on my just my updated collection and I did I did a little modification to this a very small one it’s completely stock other that’s one thing I did and I’ll show you really quick grab a tool here punch something these uh bobby pins so this gun is not one-to-one scale so there’s some things about it that are not large as large as it should be but if you notice there’s two holes up in the stock here and we’ll take this often and move this if you see those two holes and I don’t know if that’s centered my drove them out actually so they can accept the body pins and when you’re working out on the field you know they’re not gonna fall out you shouldn’t have to work out on it on the field but if you have to if you got a good Jam you have to take it apart Lee quick yeah just pop those in there good to go I think it’s a really practical thing to do it’s really easy to do just you know anyone with a do it you know the appropriate size drill bit can perform this task I think it’s a worthwhile little blue modification and you know a lot of people have been making stock modifications so it has different positions like these notches they they’ll bring out more notches but really I like it in the all the way back position like this or I’m playing with it as a pistol all the way forward you know pistol sights battle sites you know so great gun and shooting around four hundred thirty feet per second right now I’m not gonna go over all the details of all the guns but just to let you know that this is the smaller package can be pretty effective as a field of gun so and just to show you with the magazine is fully loaded I’ll show you what it looks like in in game there we go let’s put this bad boy up I’ll just leave it aside for now okay next we got the GMP walk Magpul edition it’s a challenge kit this is my new second favorite gun it has I pull the receiver Magpul angled for grip generation one Mac bull pistol grip deck will stock Magpul flip up sights and it’s it it it’s got anti rotational pins so they don’t pop out while you’re shooting and this is actually a you know not really a problem but it’s a it happens quite frequently when when you’re in game like these pins will kind of wobble loose flip umpires hexa cool they’re zeroed in yet I only got too much time with this gun I’ve had it in one game so far and it we’re great no problems I actually created a not a flash fighter but I laudner to make this gun louder and more intimidating to the my airsoft foes and it actually is quite effective I’ll give it a little test fire here in a second and show you what it what it’s to what’s doing actually right now this mag looks good with a little bit you want to if this were loaded with it with a BB bb’s we want to pull the bolt carrier back and then push on the the bolt release to hold it on the bottom of the bolt release and hold it open and I just won’t release in my hand okay let me try this one more time okay I’m not gonna put my hand there and put it up here okay magazine looks pretty cool right bolt force and like for dry fire you have to hold it for that let’s see if it was in there semi-auto gas is pretty much out but you could set get the idea and due to the compression on the phone you’re listening to you probably can’t hear how loud that is because it’s it’s ducking in and out but it’s pretty loud in real life and when you’re on the other receiving end of the the laudner it’s actually pretty pretty loud this is a knight’s armament rail system I stole it off of one of the aeg site i previously owned and sold not sure why that a flash just went off let’s see what’s going on here okay I guess the flash just turned off for some reason I’m not sure you’re still recording anymore let me check and I guess it is okay sorry for that awkward pause but Maya dalek cs4 is a piece of crap I hate that phone so let’s continue on and this is a cool gun nothing else I can really say about it besides uh it’s got all upgraded internals all steel internals except for the bolt and I got a steel bolt carrier I’m gonna order that soon and a steel buffer and enhancing buffer spring so get more recoil okay and last but not least last but you know this is my my primary and it’s an we tech l85 gas blowback I have an already tech steel bolt carrier ra-tech hammer high tech trigger Aria Tech firing pin or valve striker River actually the valve striker does not make contact with a magazine that should clarify it doesn’t take a standard m4 valve striker it’s impossible to find that’s biggest complaint I have right now is I can’t upgrade the valve striker or the valve Delayer if you familiar with those things are many some changes I made to the gun that I’ve added some iron sights there flip-up as well and this is an eight-point micro t1 replica it’s not the real thing because I don’t want to spend you know hundreds of dollars on the site that’s it doesn’t need to be that great got a new black angled foregrip AFG and go forward by Magpul and i think it you know makes this gun look a little bit meaner than the tan one I had on there I have a you know the gym too as well but I prefer the gym one it’s because I like the little bit of extra lip it gives you to hang on to also made actually out of the other half of this suppressor I just cut in half I made a note aloud iner for this luckily one side was counterclockwise threads and the other side what’s clockwise threads so I actually just cut it in half and put the counterclockwise on my l85 and then the clockwise on the the GMP Magpul walk does it fit perfectly so I put the larger mob learn this one because I wanted this one to be more my primary my meter gun actually had some comments about it on my my last time I played airsoft some good some people walked up to me and they’re they’re really impressed with how loud it was and how intimidated they were by it and they the one guy she walked up and thought I was using a real gun like I mean he he was like a 38 year old man I’m not sure why he would he would say that but he was probably just joking around but now normally you’d pull the bolt back and lock it but I don’t have those parts in here so yeah example for gun shooting you can see that get one shot can’t really shoot it once because there’s no semi-automatic it’s fully automatic only because I have to rip those internals out to make the gonna work unfortunately but full auto is cool it’s definitely more satisfying to shoot than any other kind of ever shot besides real guns but in terms of airsoft guns the most satisfying I fully recommend this gun it takes a little bit of work to make it reliable but after you upgrade the internals and get everything how you want it it’s a great gun I’m ending on this and I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and hopefully that awkward pause in the middle doesn’t make you hate me anyway again my name is douglas Thompson and if you have any questions feel free to ask and I hope you enjoyed this video thank you


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