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Best Sniper BB’s For Airsoft Rifles

Best Sniper BB’s For Airsoft Rifles

Review time eh? Oh wait, that has my address on it. Never mind. Hello everybody and welcome to my first ever product review. Today I got a package from outdoor and tactical They send me some beautiful Jeff’s BB’s.

I am uh… I’m going to do some shooting tests for you guys. And I hope you guys enjoyed. Please make sure to go check out their Facebook page. cause they did a great job. (stutter) hooking this up fo.

..with me. Okay, so in the package, what do we have? BB’s! Woah! Look at that. We got a big bag of em’. lets see what else we got here. we got a… Nice bag of bio point three sixes. Nice bag of Bio point fours.

Another nice bag of bio point four threes. a thousand point four gram, I don’t know if these are Bio or not. And a bag of point three six. Thousand BB’s. I think those are down to five hundred though.

Cause that doesn’t feel like a full… oh you know what. Oh yea, I think that’s a little less than a thousand. But you know what, it’s okay. So! We’re going to be trying these out. And hopefully my mind will be blown.

Cause everything I’ve heard about these, has been amazing. Okay so what am I doing here? Number one. I took the upgraded hop-up that I had in my gun Took it out, put in the stock hop-up. Because what I’m expecting everyone to do is have the beautiful upgraded rifles shooting these beautiful BB’s Getting amazing results.

What I want to see is to push the limits of a stock VSR. And see what I can get for accuracy out of that. So I have a target down there about a hundred and fifty, two hundred feet. I think a hundred seventy five.

That’s the middle between a hundred fifty and two hundred yea know. so So what I’m gonna do is try it out with the stock hop-up, and see what kinda performance I get. If I hit that target in any way with the BB’s I’m using right now Which are the ones I use in a regular game I’m going to be extremely excited because I couldn’t before That means somethin’s magic happened to my gun so right now what we have is -Shitty hop-up -Shitty BB’s With an upgraded spring so I’m at the same FPS So let’s see what kind of performance we get out of this.

Like I said, if I hit the target in any way That’ll be a good thing for me, I’m completely happy with these shitty BB’s Let’s try it out. That was to the left. That hit it. That was to the right. That was over.

That was under. That was over. So as you can see There isn’t a lot of consistency in these shots which is exactly what I was expecting Okay, so now we’re moving onto Jeff’s point three six gram BB’s Now what I’m looking for is a little more consistency in the shots like I said I’m using the stock hop-up So if there’s any consistency at all That’s a great leap forward ahead of the BB’s I was just using.

so like I said consistency That means if they go consistently left, constantly going right, constantly going up or down. That’s something you can, change for in your shots. If they’re going random , there’s no way to predict your shots.

But if they’re always going to the left or always to the right That’s something I can account for when I’m shooting. And that’s what’s going to give you the most kills in airsoft That doesn’t necessarily mean that your BB’s are always going laser straight.

But it means you can predict what your rifles going to do. Predict for the inconsistencies. Kay so here we go with shot number one. Hit right off the bat. Two. Kay, already you guys are already seeing what this is like.

Again! Another hit. Like this is a difference like, I cannot, I cannot believe this actually Like this is the first time shooting this. And the difference in accuracy you get from those BB’s to these ones Like that’s just dumb.

like there almost a point I could have saved a few A few dozens of dollars. by not buying a new hop-up and switching to these BB’s that’s just stupid, okay. well. Jeff’s point thee six BB’s I approve.

Now let me clarify something before shooting these point fours. I am using a stock hop-up, chamber, and bucking. The only thing that’s different is I’m using a TDC mod a (Top Dead Center) mod That allows the to push the hop-up arm farther than you would be able to, with a stock VSR ten hop-up adjustment.

That means I am using a stock one I’m just able to push it farther than you normally would. I’m considering this a stock hop-up Let’s continue Shot number one. A hit. Shot number two a hit. Shot number three, a little bit low.

And shot number four, a hit. If this doesn’t show the consistency you out of these BB’s, I don’t know what will. but What will! Is moving onto these point four three’s. This should be interesting. I have never shot this heavy of a white BB in this gun before.

so, this may actually make me want to buy more of these. but we’ll find out. let’s try it out on that target down range. Shot number one. A hit. Shot number two. a hit. Shot number three a hit. shot number four a hit.

(Motions that BB’s are great) yea know. words do not describe guys, words do not describe. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little review. once again… Just buy these. like. like I’m not being, I’m not being paid Or sponsored by these in any way other they sent me BB’s to try out.

And in that respect I am, thoroughly blown away. I will be purchasing these myself. I will probably Unless I been changed by some other company. um.. Be using Jeff’s BB’s from now on. So thank you guys for watching.

And… yea… I’m not gonna go say and buy em… Try em out. Give her a try. Talk to you guys on the next one. Should I do a dramatic turn? Like a, Hello Everybody! Yes. Hello everybody and welcome to my first ever product, That was soo bad.


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