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The m40a3 Sportline, oh wait this ain’t it? That’s more like it What’s going on guys I hope you’re having a great day I’ve been getting so many requests about this M40a3 the ASG M40a3 this it’s such a mouthful to say yes ASG.

M40a3 Sportline the cheap one Yes, the $80.00 rifle now I did put some upgrades in this and I’ll show you guys how to do it I’ll show you what parts it takes everything. You need to know about this rifle Even the bb’s I’m using like everything.

I’m gonna break down every single thing. I’m using in this video So the bb’s I’m using The bb’s I was using cuz I don’t really use this rifle anymore. I Was using point three twos buy HP a can that cannot focus Oh, yep Point three twos HPA.

I’ll link them down below very good bb’s very consistent I used two point three twos But I very I switch I switched to three sixes two if I want to get a little bit more distance I’ll switch to three twos but for more like straighter shots I’ll use three sixes either or three twos three sixes really good in my opinion Anything heavier than that, you’re not gonna get much distance anymore because the hop-up really can’t apply Pressure to fours.

Yeah force they tend to go. They go really straight But they tend to die off at 200 So using three sixes and three twos that you can get 250 foot shots to 300 I’ve got a 300 foot shot out with this thing.

Oh My god, oh my god, oh my god on dude Dude What this is a pretty beast rifle for $80 like I said in past video past videos, so we’re gonna break this open and we’re gonna see What’s inside? Alright guys, so I’m assuming you guys know how to take your outer barrel out from your stock So now you’re just left with this and now What I did was I went ahead so you guys are not sitting through me taking this apart I’ve took out these four screws one right here one right here one right here one right here and one right here and then The spring guide stopper.

I took that out and now we’re gonna put this to the side, which is your trigger assembly and Then we’re gonna take this out Now you’re left With your cylinder you can put your outer barrel to the side now what you want to do is you want to take some needle nose pliers and you’re gonna just you know, Take it off accordingly.

Now, you’re gonna have your cylinder head. This is your cylinder head put this off to the side And now we’re gonna get into the good stuff Now once you took everything out you gonna put your cylinder head away, you know Put your trigger away and now you’re left with just your spring your spring guide and your piston.

Now what this part is It’s a ps2 and that’s l96 parts one day I just decided hey because I have l96 one day I just took the l96 apart and I said hey Maybe these parts can fit and I got really lucky and it fits perfect It doesn’t give me any problems And I cut the spring because my field limits were at 400 FPS with 0.

25 so I had to cut the spring it was shooting at like 450 before I cut the spring so now is shooting at 390 with this spring. So yeah, I just cut like three rungs and now it’s giving me 390 FPS with 0.

25 and Honestly guys, I’m not lying to you I had these parts for three years now three years and look how like you’ve got to maintain your rifle and It’ll give you a little treat you good. So I Know these are cheap parts But this is steel and this is steel and you know after every game just make sure you wash it make sure it’s you Lube it up and Yeah, it’ll treat you good a ps2.

Like I said, I’ll link it down below After that after you put this back in Everything else and this rifle is stock and I’m not lying to you guys. I’ve tried AAG barrels because that’s what it takes and It doesn’t fit the barrel is too fat.

So maybe the manufacturer of ASG Uses like a little tighter barrels. I have no clue. I’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work maybe if you guys know let me know in the comments down below but This is this is right here This is your FPS and you’ll get very consistent shots with three sixes to three twos.

So, it’s pretty much it This is the highest requested video. I’ve been quite getting questions a lot Like what bb’s do you use what upgrades do you use and this is it right here? I’m not lying like this is this is the main key right here.

Everything else is good. It’s lasted me and Now you don’t want to use a crazy spring because this is very cheap this is like aluminum and over time it’ll start to wear and you’ll probably write this so I Say the match met the max FPS you can have on this rifle is 450 anything anything higher than that your you might break your Your spring guide stopper.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it if you guys have any questions at all. I’ll message I mean, I’ll reply back But I’m gonna link all these parts down below. Hope you guys found this very, uh, Which I’m call it.

I hope you guys found this very useful and I haven’t seen any videos on it so, yeah, so if you guys found this video useful You know, be sure to give a comment. I love reading guys’s comments I love helping you guys and in any way I can so other than that This is rep.

The airsofter. I will have some gameplay in next week. So stay tuned for that Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this video. I glad I’m glad I can help and yeah, I’ll see you guys in the next one


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