hello everyone today I’m going to be showing you my airsoft blow it out I hope you feel okay so Sarah oh my god I have the G&G combat machine gun in or it’s pretty basic gun but I like because most of its metal isn’t Oh parts of arc are like a nylon polycarbonate material so moving down on my head I have just a standard yourself mask that’s pre painted pan and I have a mr.

Burton tan beanie on my head sorry my hair’s crazy out of being on so for my chest ring from my chest rig I have the WM x tan 3 mag informatic pouch plate carrier with the and inside I have the Stinger PT p30 t it’s like sweats 30 gun I don’t use my sidearm I don’t know so it’s just coming for books um in my mag pouch I don’t have a mags I don’t use my purse photo I have one in the gun room that’s it I have a pretty basic speed water pump close to 90 rounds I like it a lot it hasn’t failed me Allen games yet we’re getting down to my patches are a bit don’t tread on me water moccasin pouch which um where I play yourself there’s a lot of walk water moccasins so that’s why I have it and then the standard green US flag because I live in the you guys moving bad I don’t have Maximus I just women for now to show you oh it’s a metal GMG hike at for an m4 it’s pretty solid and what when I wind it up it it holds about 9% of the bb’s moving over to my just random pouch I’ll show you it’s inside here so first thing I have is the Appalachian Trail multi-tool and nice so I have a like a hunting camo multi-tool it’s it holds up very good I need to cut something or fix one of my guns and on the other side there’s just a standard knife and they’ll curl you can put it on your um play carrier but I choose to put it in my pack I just have a red bandanna for my kill Greg they just put over your head when you die and I have a custom little walkie-talkie so when I’m on the field just turn it on talked into it and that’s about it so let’s zip this back up there are my BTUs what I’m wearing under my play carrier I’m gonna take this off you I have a just a normal tan combat shirt what I really like about this is that it’s a breathable kind of Under Armour material stretchy but on the sleeves you have you place it for any patches and your zipper pockets also on the sleeves we have um some you can adjust it your wrist size and some other cool pouches and that’s about it so if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to Like comment to subscribe and comment down below what videos you want me to post this is a new channel and I hope you guys enjoy


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