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Best Airsoft Fails/Funny moments of 2014

Best Airsoft Fails/Funny moments of 2014

all right anyone know in the bucket is right in the middle like a heavy blues on Rachel it i Sabbah Kyrie McCauley and his person right there sleep all right that didn’t work he’s probably right there most likely over here by being the one trade magazine get over here top of this game Oh there’s only one way to take care of this yeah my fault no i’m sure i will get back to the venturi i have to take them off I’m gonna say dude every one of them are nice shot good crotch shot safety safety safety yes situation here tell us her name tell us her name what’s mean it’s gonna be peace for his career danger means big or what kinase bagel it’s my name what you kind of name like bagels I like big meat suit how you’re good sliding knife kill yes it is other two how many one out


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