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Berget 17 (2019) – Part 01

Berget 17 (2019) – Part 01

Barbie: You are on my territory! Barbie: You are on my territory! Get away! Move! Barbie: Go sit over there! Barbie: MOVE! Seba: Get your lazy ass off my corner! Barbie: Take your shit and leave! Barbie: This is OUR corner.

Thomas: These are my friends. Thomas: These are my friends. Bodyguard: Do you need work? Barbie: Yes. Bodyguard: Your friends? Manu: They’re not sober. Bodyguard: Can you fix them? Manu: I can fix them.

Bodyguard: We need furniture. Barbie: Furniture. Where? Bodyguard: In the Courthouse. Bodyguard: In the Courthouse. Judge: We need tables, benches, chairs… Barbie: Do you have materials? Tools? Barbie: When? Judge: Now.

Barbie: Now? Allright. Barbie: You two, sober up! Kenny: Mix up a bit more Kenny: Subconsciously, you’re forming a line. Roman: Day 1, Berget! Red: That was véry focussed on my tits, wasn’t it? Barbie: Is this the Courthouse? Reporter: No, what? Barbie: They said that this is the Courthouse.

.. Reporter: No, this is Hospital, and our Radio Station. Reporter: We are in the local social media, Instagram, check us out. Barbie: We can give you advertising locations. Reporter: Advertising locations? Barbie: Yes, on our backs.

Barbie: And we just want to go for a couple of Berget Dollars. Reporter: A couple of Berget Dollars and you’ll put advertisements on your backs? Reporter: But I think you need to provide the tape. Reporter: But I think you need to provide the tape.

If you have the tape, we have a deal. Barbie: How much? Reporter: Fifty. Barbie: Fifty? I can do that. Barbie: Let me get the tape. Rhythm: Where are your guys? Verage: Over there. Rhythm: Where are the rest of the Scorpions? Ace: They’re asleep! Rhythm: Guys? Rhythm: Are you with Red? (General Fuentes Militia) Because we’re having a Battalion meeting.

Barbie: What’s this? Barbie: Quicky, can you get me that electric tape? Quicky: Allright. Barbie: Urgent, chop chop! Barbie: Thank you, sir. Barbie: Very kind. Thomas: You need work? Shout to us. Barbie: Ah, but it were two posters? Reporter: You have only one now.

But you still get paid. Barbie: I’ll do that. Barbie: Can I wear your backpack in the mean time? Barbie: Can you help me? Barbie: Are you kind enough to give this homeless man some money? Civi: No money.

.. Civi: Cookie! Barbie: Ah, cookie I can take. Ace: Yer’ a bit nervous, aren’t’ya? Red: No, but I was just, like, huh? Ace: Glorious leader pose! Verage: Alright, Pre-Advice! Ace: You don’t even know what that means! Ace: You don’t even know what that means! Verage: You were explaining it! [Singing “The Wild Rover”] Priest: Have you been drinking Kiddie-Bull? (alcohol-free kids champagne Verage is known to drink) [Singing “The Wild Rover”] [Singing] And it’s no, nay, never.

.. [Singing] SEX ON THE FLOOR! Verage: Aight, Pre-something, two minutes! Verage: Aight, Pre-something, two minutes! Ace: PRE-SOMETHING, TWO MINUTES! Ace: Mountaineers! MOUNT UP! Verage: Here’s hoping the Squad Leaders.

.. Ace: Weren’t you gonna sit in rear? Kenny: No, I said I’d be closest to the door! Verage: But you’re dismounting first… No need to sit inside the car. Kenny: Yes, I do. Kenny: I HAVE A CHEVRON! Verage: I’ve got two! Ace: I’ve got two, as well! Kenny: How many chevrons have YOU got? Skinny: Boo-boo! Kissie, then we’ll leave.

Love you! Yuppie: I’ll have the BAVS (40mm) with me. Ace: THAT WAS NOT THE QUESTION. Ace: If you haven’t already, lock and load! Ace: Pre-advice, zero minutes! Roman: One of the other vehicles use TV wall mounts for their mounted weapons.

Verage: Infantry is already out there. Verage: Infantry is already out there. Red: A-yup… Ace: The Mechanized are also out there already. Barbie: They are the smart ones. I am the stupid one. Barbie: Boys, I’m gonna do a quick recon of the Police Station.

Verage: (Skinny) She’s in the back, if you want her. Simon: If I -want- her? Red: They’re STILL talking about leaving… Red: They’re STILL talking about leaving… Verage: Janni! Verage: When are you moving!? Janni: When we feel like it! Verage: While we’re waiting for Zulu to get ready, it’s time to explain Berget 17 a little bit.

We are playing in the same area as last year, the beautiful Sollefteå. I have no idea how to pronounce it. It’s a beautiful playground with a lot of roads for the Mechanized units to drive around. ..

.and a lot of different types of vegetation around the map. This year it’s a different storyline from the last three years. We switched from UPIR forces to General Fuentes’ Militia. In the GFM Army, we as a group are a member of the Scorpions.

The Scorpions are a group that are not allowed in the regular army, …but we are like the bad son of General Fuentes that he doesn’t want to mention in family reunions. This year, as I mentioned, you got GFM and on the opposite side, Task Force Charlie.

TFC’s task is to stop GFM. This year’s storyline has a lot to do with drugs and TFC preventing us from getting to the drugs. Special for this year is that we aren’t playing in a pure offensive team. We’re playing in a LARP/Offensive role.

(Live-Action Role-Play) Which means we’ll be doing LARP missions, having conversations with the Town, …talking with other LARPers, try to accomplish missions by talking to people instead of shooting them.

Because we are doing LARP, they asked us to put some undercover people in the village. You’ve already seen some footage from the village before this. Some of those guys are Scorpions. They’re working for us, giving us information, infiltrating the town, local gang, .

..drug lords, infiltrating the police force, basically providing us with all the intel they can. First mission this Berget is ‘Hearts and Minds’ in the village. That means that we, with our BEAUTIFUL Bismarck .

..will be rolling out towards the town. We will be accompanied by THOR Company and a lot of vehicles, two tanks and a little truck. They’ll be moving out along this route, …at this crossroad, we have two options.

We take the short route or the long route. …depending on the activity in this area. If all goes well, THOR Company will continue their advance up to CP1 …and we’ll stay in the village to proceed with our mission.

And I think Zulu might be ready to roll out, so we’ll go back to the movie. Ace: It’s a heavy load? Red: A-yup! Kenny: And on the right side, you can see two tanks. Kenny: And on the right side, you can see two tanks.

WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! Verage: Have a nice walk, guys! Kenny: Wasn’t THOR Company going to clear everything out for us? Kenny: ‘Cause THOR Company is over there. *points behind us* Four Eyes: Aaaand we’re standing still.

.. Verage: Whoa, I can film myself this year! Ace: You do pee-pee on YouTube! (Nice guy Kenny) Four Eyes: Hallelujah, it’s a tank! Ace: Oh my god. Ace: They did it. They overdid it. Barbie: Money? Money? Money? No money? Barbie: Please, money! Barbie: No money? Please, money! GFM Guy: It’s got this official-looking fence, no signs or anything.

Verage: Take the other route? GFM Guy: Yeah, we’ll take the other route. Verage: Yo! Mount up! Verage: No, Red, no! Leave it be!


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