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BERGET 15 (part 05) – AIRSOFT MILSIM in Sweden – Search & Destroy FINBAT

BERGET 15 (part 05) – AIRSOFT MILSIM in Sweden – Search & Destroy FINBAT

Korneel: These guys have their own generator. Thomas: 11 was still ours? Verage: 11 and 12. Korneel: Jep. Thomas: Woops, not anymore i think. Verage: Gokhan! Gokhan: Ow Rob, How are you man. Good? Gokhan: Guys, 11 is ours.

Verage: Yes, 12 also. Gokhan: Yes, is it? All: Yes, Yes, jup Gokhan: It was neutral. ??: We just checked in the base. Gokhan: No it’s online, it’s neutral now. Gokhan: The online map, this one. Verage: Verage is listening, send.

Gokhan: Ah it’s okay, it turns. Gokhan: But look at that. Gokhan: I wrote so many times Rob. Gokhan: I wrote so many times on whatsapp. I couldn’t get any of you guys. Gokhan: I don’t have a phone with me.

Gokhan: Nobody had got the connection. Gokhan: We always split up. Gokhan: We can not make the good push. Verage: Tomorrow. Verage: Tomorrow Thomas: We will have to communicate. Gokhan: We need to communicate easy.

Verage: You stay in the base tonight? Gokhan: No it is neutral. Verage: Just a second, i am going to relocate. Verage: Repeat message. Verage: Wait a second, we’re comming back. Manu: Owkey, roger. Verage: We are going to HQ now for some explanation.

Gokhan: Let’s go and do that. Verage: Owkey, mission on a hold. Verage: All pumped up, ready to go. Skinny: Wake up! Verage: Wich side? Skinny: Babe, that way! Korneel: What is this way? Give me a direction.

Korneel: Owkey, that way. Thomas: Don’t go all to one side. Korneel: East it is. Thomas: watch out! Skinny: Left, that way, there they yelled contact. All: That way. AT4 dude: Are there vehicles? Verage: Maybe, you guys .

.. … take care of the road if there are vehicles coming. AT4 dude: I thought you say there were vehicles. Verage: hmmm no. Thomas: They can do a decoy this side and then… Verage: Come up with vehicles.

Verage: So you guys are ready? Skinny: They all yelled contact, but not anymore. Skinny: I want to fight, I want to fight. Korneel: On Crocks? Skinny: Eh? Korneel: On Crocks? Verage: Always. Skinny: Last year i killed andknifed somebody on Crocks.

Korneel: She has a valid point, it’s comfortable. Thomas: I think it was to see if everybody was awake. Verage: Who started the contact? Jonathan: I don’t know. Skinny: I was like, yes, yes. Skinny: Baserape, baserape.

Jonathan: I thought is was up there. Skinny: And then nothing. Skinny: Ow yes, Contact! Verage: No, they are just on fire or something. Korneel: They are dead and on fire. Skinny: Go look. Korneel: Ow Andrew, this way.

Verage: Still contact? Red dude: They planted something at the FAD. Red dude: I don’t know. There were 2 guys behind it. – No idea – Red dude: They were arround there. Verage: Everybody is coming here.

Verage: Where is the FAD. Red dude: It’s over there. Red dude + Korneel: With the white sign. Verage: Korneel, can you take them on one line? Korneel: How far? Verage: Trough the forrest, up to the FAD.

Verage: So they don’t start shooting eachother. Skinny: We will find them. Skinny: And kill them. Skinny: Come on baby. Skinny: Come on babe, let me have some fun. Verage: Well, go go go. Korneel is going.

Thomas: I don’t trust this. Red dude: Is there a lot of them? Verage: They are checking the whole field. Verage: If you can, make the line bigger up into the forrest. Red dude: Yeah sure. Verage: Stay on the line.

Verage: Watch out for red on red fire. Thomas: Andrew, yell if you see something on the right side. Verage: Vehicles, other side! Thomas: Andrew, get back! Verage: Vehicles on the other side. Verage: Other side.

Everybody: Vehicles! Vehicles! We need an AT. Reds: We need an AT. Where do you need an AT? Red dude: Vehicles. Verage: There, there. Red dudes: It’s red! It’s red! It’s red WTF. Verage: It’s better to be prepared.

Verage: It’s owkey. Verage: It’s red. Verage: Korneel, Verage. Continu your sweep. Verage: It’s a red vehicle on the road. Over Verage: Ok, Roger. Verage: They’re checking the forrest and the open plain area Verage: with the FAD.

Troll: Feels like they should be rolling up with some vehicles. Verage: There was just a red vehicle passing by. Verage: That’s why everybody.. Troll: The fort is lost. Verage: The fort is lost? Toll: So they can come that way.

Kenny: We should mine the road. Verage: Can we mine the road? Troll: Sure, yeah Verage: yeah? Verage: Where do you want them? There? Troll: Below the lower secondary entrance. Troll: There is an entrance down there.

Troll: Below that, so they can’t drive up there. Verage: 3 mines. Thomas: Our mechs don’t have to pass? Verage: Our mechs don’t have to pass? Troll: No. Verage: 3 normal mines. Troll: They are sleeping or they are dead.

Mark: I will take mines too. Thomas: Where is Andrew? Verage: Take 6 mines. Verage: This is Verage, Send. Verage: Thomas, mines. Korneel: Roger, we will come to you. Korneel: We will be down the road, I repeat, down the road.

Verage: Owkey, roger. You will see us coming. Verage: There are about 15 people coming your way. Kenny: They are allready there? Verage: They will be there. Thomas: We will make an ambush. You have 3 mines too? Andrew: Normally yes, but i think .

.. F*ck. Andrew: Broken? Verage: Yup Andrew: Owkey, broken. Mark: Who has got the BAVS? Andrew: Put one more down the road? Verage: Put them in the bend. Andrew: In the forrest? Verage: bend Andrew: In the bend.

Verage: In the bend. Andrew: Not over the bend, in the bend. Verage: In the bend. Andrew: At the start of the bend? Verage: We are passing the broke down UPIR taxi. Over Verage: You guys are going to the fortress? Johan: Jup.

Verage: We mined the road. Verage: We keep an eye on the road here with some of the 25th. Verage: We don’t get passed the T section. Johan: I want to have some action. Verage: Take it back, on your own, with your pistol.

Johan: 1911 offcoarse. Thomas: There is a train. Verage: It’s a tank. Verage: There’s a change that they go to the stronghold and don’t pass us. Korneel: Verage, The tank and APC were at the stronghold.

Verage: Owkey, that will be the noise that we hear. Verage: We return to your position. Over Verage: Those are things that make you feel like you didn’t do anything. Verage: But they aren’t able to pass.

Thomas: If it was like that, we are in a good spot. Korneel: Keep this up till 0300. Kenny: I’m going to leave my AK with you. Kenny: Just a bit of grass … Kenny: To cover up this hole. Thomas: Get in your trench.

Verage: Really, did they just drove over the mines? Thomas: Haha, yes they just drove right over them. Verage: Those the Turks i think. Kenny: I thought that the turks were standby. Korneel: I think i see a yellow flag.

Korneel: Possibly, Mercs. Kenny: We need to remove the mines. Thomas: We have another line, a second line. Thomas: You go, you go. Thomas: 500m, blue. Verage: Also vehicles? Red dude: No. Verage: Only infantry? Red dude: Yes.

Verage: On the road or trough the forrest? Red dude: They were on the road, otherwise we wouldn’t have seen them. Verage: This is Robert, send. Kenny: Are you on a different channel? Verage: Solid copy, Verage: We just got intel that blues are incoming 500m from our checkpoint.

Over Kenny: My radio battery died. Kenny: I’m going to get down, slowly. Verage: What? Kenny: I’m going to get down, slowly. Kenny: HWD for 25th, over. Kenny: HWD for 25th, we have blue incoming. Kenny: Blue incoming down the road.

Verage: Sssst Kenny: Infantry, no sign of vehicles. Kenny: Send backup. Verage: Lost visual, bb’s were hopping to much. Kenny: Thomas, they are on your side. Kenny: Contact confirmed. Contact, contact, contact.

Verage: I will have to get up. Verage: Sh*t, bad feeding. Kenny: Basecamp, basecamp, send backup. Kenny: They’re passing trough. Verage: Where? Kenny: Right side, they passed Thomas. Verage: Visual? Kenny: Where? Verage: No, do you have a visual? Verage: Watch out, they crossed the road.

Kenny: They are crossing the road. Kenny: 2 man. Kenny: Is there a medic here? Kenny: We need a medic on the right side. Verage: Pass, pass, pass. HWD: We’re behind you. Kenny: There is a tent camp, there.

Kenny: North side, That is our guy. Kenny: No, they need a medic there. Kenny: Is there a part of your squad moving on the right side? HWD: No, this is it. 4 guys. HWD: The rest is on an other mission.

Kenny: Allright. HWD: They are still out there. We have friendlies behind us. Kenny: Owkey. Kenny: Can your boxmag keep up? Verage: What? Kenny: Can your boxmag keep up? Verage: Nope HWD: Rober, did we get those 2? Verage: Yes.

HWD: Good. Kenny: Those 2 on the right are gone? Verage: Yes, those 2 are gone. Kenny: Then it’s just on the … Verage: right side. 7 minutes to go. Verage: One down on the right. HWD: I’m coming. Verage: I can see that.

Verage: It’s 0300. HWD: Yes i know. HWD: Did you say, vehicles danger close? Kenny: Enemy danger close. Verage: That was him. HWD: And your friend there, did he say something? Verage: I’m dead so… HWD: I’m talking to him.

Verage: But you’re looking to me. Blue dude: Okay, let’s have a little conversation. Blue dude: You with the helmet, why don’t you take your hit. Blue dude: The first … that stood up got sprayed with full auto.

Dont call your hit. Kenny: I did not stood up. Kenny: He stood up. Blue dude: Then why keep shooting. Kenny: No he didn’t. HWD: No I died. Verage: You shot 2 guys. Blue dude: Who shot me? Thomas: I shot you.

Blue dude: You shot me after i was dead. Thomas: Yeah, sorry man. Verage: You shot me, you shot me here. Blue dude: No, i sprayed full auto. Kenny: No, I shoot single. Blue dude: we head back to base.

Ok, Goodnight. Goodnight Goodnight


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