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BERGET 15 (part 02) – AIRSOFT MILSIM in Sweden – Defend our base!

BERGET 15 (part 02) – AIRSOFT MILSIM in Sweden – Defend our base!

Speaker: All cars need to move now. Speaker: All cars need to move now. Skinny: Seriously? Skinny: I’m struggling. Verage: Where, where, where? Verage: Make room, make room! Verage: Any visual? Red dude: Yes Verage: Jup Verage: HIT Verage: Medic Verage: Medic Mathias: Medic (in Swedish) Mathias: I don’t even have my deadrag on me.

Mathias: No, no Verage: MEDIC! Skinny: 2 minutes, 2 minutes. I don’t have my watch with me. Mathias: *Something in Swedish* Skinny: How many metres are they? Verage: It’s 14:32. Verage: So it’s a half hour now.

Mathias: This is why they’re attacking now. Mathias: They planned this. Skinny: It’s smart. Mathias: Yes, it is. Skinny: Yes. Verage: Back in game. Skinny: Check if people need a medic. Verage: Michael! Verage: We have to go into the forrest and get in there flank.

Michael: Yes, do it! Work! Michael: Work! Skinny: Work! Verage: How far are they? Verage: Yes? Swiss dude?: They are moving along the road. Swiss dude?: Maybe 30m in, you see the guy that’s Skinny: You’re dead? Dead swiss dude: yes.

Swiss dude: There is like 5guys more in there. Verage: So basicly we have to get in the forrest and get in there flank. Verage: Okay Verage: Guys, guys Verage: We need as many … This side is good. Verage: We have to go in the forrest.

Verage: Push them out because they are on the road, there. Verage: And take them in the flank, because they are on one line. Red dudes: Yeah, yeah Verage: Just keep shooting. Skinny: Finally, a base attack.

Skinny: Make sure that they are with you. Verage: Kenny Verage, Kenny Verage. Skinny: I don’t have my camelbak with me. Skinny: Not to fast. Verage: You can’t heal me no more. Verage: There has to be someone else in front.

Verage: You can go, i’m allready hit once. Verage: I have to stay in the rear a little bit. Verage: Okay, we’re going to start pivoting arround. Red dude: Form a line. Skinny: Oh, wait. Verage: Go, go, go.

Skinny: Is that red here? Red dude: Shots fired. Skinny: Is that red? Verage: Where? That is blue. Verage: Watch out, Reds on our 12. Verage: Reds on our 3. Verage: Advance, that way. Red dude: All right Verage: Advange that way.

Red dude: Contact on the left, among the tents. Skinny: Visual, on the right. Skinny: Now it’s a contact. Verage: Move up! Verage: Contact 12 o’clock. Verage: Keep them back! Verage: Keep moving up the f*cking line! Red dude: AH HIT! Red dude: AH HIT, Medic! Verage: RED, we need more people on the left flank! Verage: We need more people on the left flank, now! Verage: Up to the ro.

.. HIT! Red dude: More people on the left flank! Red medic: Are you hit? Verage: Yes, but i’m allready been mediced. Red medic: Ah you’re dead. Verage: Yes. Verage: You have still your deadrag on. Verage: No, on the back of your head.

Red medic: Thank you. Red dude: 15m behind the tents. Skinny: Wait. Red guard: Okay blue guys get in here. Red guard: I want gun and gear there. Red guard: Make a beautifull pile for each gunner. Red guard: Make like one metre between each pile.

Red guard: We are going to check your gear. Blue dude: Again? Skinny: Again? Red guard: Again, yes. Skinny: I took everything off and everything out. Red guard: You stripped them bare? Skinny: Oh, yes.

Red guard: Oh, thats good. Skinny: Oh yes. Skinny: It was a bit sweaty. Red guard: You look a bit orkish. Skinny: I look what? Red guard: Like a ork. Skinny: Like a … well thank you. Skinny: No, i’m a little hulk.

Skinny: I did not search him. Red guard: You can go. Red guard: Would you like to stay? Skinny: I don’t need to, it’s okay. Skinny: Whatever you want. Red guard: Oooh, whatever? Skinny: Whatever you want.

Red guard: Am I allowed to search you? Red guard: I’m okay with sweaty men. Brecht: Let’s go.


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