English subtitles available by selecting the language options in Youtube Welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover an airsoft replica recently arriving on the market and awaited by a large number of players This is the ARX 160 sportline Beretta from UMAREX and manufactured by the company S&T then distributed by our partner DM diffusion to your Airsoft dealers Let’s start by detailed the package, it therefore consists of the replica, a Type M4 M16 charger of 300 BBS, an 8.

4v Nimh battery and its mains charger Now on to the exterior features of the ARX160 This replica is part of the CQB range by its rather pleasant size It is composed largely of very good quality nylon fiber revealing some traces of moldings but which in no way hinder its operation, on the other hand its appearance is quite bright It weighs 3.

6 kgs making its use without constraints and measure from 570 mm butt folded to 800 mm butt unfolded and adjusted to the maximum Let’s discover this replica of the flash hider at the butt It is therefore composed of a basic flame hider in ABS anti-clockwise thread and mounted on an external barrel also in ABS and offering a metal strap ring The 470 mm nylon fiber upper receiver accommodates 4 picatinny rails allowing the installation of your accessories on the other hand the lower rail is really small and limits the installation of handle or other On each side of the upper you will have 2 metal strap fasteners as well as the Beretta and ARX160 markings Then there is a folding ABS Front sight which returns to the folding Rear sight also ABS offering 6 sighting modes We continue on a lower receiver in nylon fiber with integrated handle, the magazine ejection and fire selector are ambidextrous The fire selector will offer you the SAFE – SEMI – FULL auto modes Then we finish with the folding stock and adjustable in 4 positions offering a metal attachment for your strap The battery will be housed in it by removing the rear of the stock Now let’s move on to the internal characteristics of the ARX 160 The gearbox is a metal V3 type, made up of metal gears mounted on 7 mm metal bushings a piston head and a plastic piston as well as an aluminum cylinder then a plastic spring guide The motor will be a short axis To access the HOPUP setting, you will need to pull the cocking lever and adjust and then press the cocking lever lock placed behind the magazine Let’s discover the disassembly of the external barrel as well as the quick disassembly of the body to access the gearbox then I will show you that this gearbox has a very interesting advantage, which is the quick spring change So I will show you how to disassemble the outer barrel, internal barrel and its HOPUP block so on the replica you have two barrel blocking pins that you will have to pull together simultaneously and take out the barrel block + HOPUP block then take a BTR key to disassemble the internal barrel and HOPUP block from the external barrel (HOPUP block resembling the model on G36) For reassembly, perform the reverse operation by replacing the lug facing the BTR screw, leaving the screw flush with the HOPUP unit To reassemble the assembly, perform the reverse operation by lowering the two locking pins downwards and inserting the external barrel.

Let’s move on to disassembling the body to access the V3 type gearbox To perform this operation, it will be essential to perform the operation of removing the external barrel to avoid breaking the nozzle by separating the top and the bottom of the ARX.

remove the part of the stock then fold it down, pull on the power cable and remove the plastic cover by pushing on the closing latch then press the lock button to disassemble the two parts of the body The nozzle model is very long and fits completely into the HOPUP block to remove the gearbox from the body, remove the pin located next to the magazine ejection button Here is the V3 type gearbox with 7mm bushings, short shaft motor mounted directly on the gearbox let’s go to the step of disassembling the spring by removing the screw at the back of the gearbox and then removing the spring guide with a 6mm Allen wrench by turning a quarter turn the operation can be performed without having to remove the gearbox from the replica by removing only the cover located at the back of the body for reassembly, reverse the operation Now let’s go to the Chrony test in 0.

20 beads and 7.4v lipo battery The power in FPS of the ARX160 is stable and gives values u200bu200ballowing its use in French association (350 FPS Max) Rate of fire test Test carried out with 7.4V LIPO battery giving a higher rate than with the original 8.

4v Nimh battery Now let’s perform a target test at a distance of 15 meters To know a little about the maximum range distance, we will perform tests on a human target and see exactly the real useful distance of this replica.

We pass the test on target at a distance of 40 meters on a mannequin So whether in semi or Full Auto, the majority of the balls reach the target without dispersion of the balls We go to the target test at a distance of 50 meters on a dummy Here is the review of the ARX 160 from UMAREX completed.

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