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Ben’s airsoft loadout video and weapon review

Ben’s airsoft loadout video and weapon review

everybody it’s been fired with the duck airsoft team bringing you my loadout video along with my gun like video the same thing now I don’t have my BD you or my any my camera with me it’s coming in the mail from tactical tailor com good website but anyhow that’s it started with this we’re starting with my helmet it’s an answer tactical fast helmet um I got a bunch of patches on it um yeah I actually ordered all flying from GI about twenty seven dollars don’t know the brand name it’s pretty good it’s a helmet side light that’s adjustable for different angles it’s good if you’re doing Wilson operation you need to like read some like maps or something on the side of you you can just aim it now and it works pretty well Oh take my gun off okay for now when I do a video gave me so moving on from that we start with my eyebrow face brow which I use standard and Lancer tactical oh wait now these are actually Val contactable goggles and they worked pretty well I’m not a fan the amberton but it helps against sun if you’re ever doing outdoor games now I have I don’t know the brand because I got this actually off of a friend from the facility I playa it’s just a standard mesh um and with a like skull ghost design on and I like it fits well to my face but you know like all mesh after a while of using it you really got it to fit to your face because when you’re first comes doesn’t fit sup now let’s move on to my neck I have a standard think this is a Vulcan shemagh again Valcke it makes a lot of good tactical accessories so I recommend them same account or outdoor they’re very cheap for good quality stuff like most of this is Commodore and yeah this is good protects your neck because I’ve gotten strong enough [ __ ] moving on again around my neck I carry a condor outdoor one point sling with an extra cup carabiner on it for if I want to attach anything else or keep it tied down I can attach to my best so if I’m running I don’t have my gun attached it doesn’t sway and that I can’t take off because it’s my lead around or loopt mad it’s me one of my actual vest I have a condor outdoor play carrier I’m not sure the exact model I have to look that up again but I carry 10 mags three condor outdoor triple mags with retention bungee but I took out the bungee because there’s enough attention if your body and I’m correctly not like just through the loops but like up and around um it works pretty well it holds I’m like I can tilt this thing upside down and on lot angles these mags aren’t gonna fall out and then I’ve got my one turned sideways or if I’m shooting laughs date that’s always good to have one of those am i right I have my Glock we tech block 19 just got it it’s really well i’m going to be doing a fire testing video probably and all of that and condor outdoor pouch which came with the pistol pouch which i then relocated here I just haven’t had many thoughts when I changed that the hard mag and a pistol belts for my battery I don’t have an extra madigan in the built-in like velcro pouch that this vest came up i put in life um I don’t know it’s just fun to have get a few melee kills a hit um I just called hit alright moving on so these are my carry 10 standard kwa midcap mags those are pretty good and then moving on to my other parts of my body after that I have um Vulcan tactical have fingers the Falcon tactical have fingers are actually really good because if I’m utilizing gas blowback weapon I don’t have to like worry about it getting cotton any of the action from working with the slide another fabric and it gives me mobility like if I’m out in the midst of operation are with you you know do some work like fixing a gun tying stuff down it’s good to have your fingers fingers fingers um but like it’s nice to I really like the ones made by mechanics even though I don’t have those where it has your thumb you’re not now your thumb your pinky whatever the [ __ ] this finger is and your middle one and as your thumb and pointer just and that works pretty well so anyhow this is my main load out I do have some other some notes which i may or may not do a video on are now moving on my other guns my main climbing the main primary I’ve put a lot of working and what it is is it’s a custom AMG pool it is custom now it was an AMG stubby and for rifle thing juju [ __ ] it and it is a EG and what I did to it so far is injury wise i put a tight cordarrelle in and a systema motor along with the sistema motor i’ve also done some exterior work and exterior was I put on suppressor now I to get the suppressor on touching the barrel like it does um I had to shave down the exterior barrel with a saw to get it to fit properly and then i also have a stock which i had to do an exterior battery pack rig for it and that works pretty well and overall this gun can shoot them like I’m hitting targets over 300 feet away so this thing’s really want yes it was originally going for a DMR like look but then I said [ __ ] it because the barrel I mean the Braille that I ordered didn’t actually fit so I’ve got this and this is my main gun I have another primary i’m going to show video but this thing’s and last but not least my other gas blowback pistol that are sometimes run a secondary volts for on my side just for the fun of it I have it’s a Blackwater m1911 it’s really good kicks like a [ __ ] mute I mean I’ve never seen its like a gas blowback that actually kicks out our um the only problem is with it kicking that much is that um it’s um it kicked so hard that the side gets degrade now I can’t really cute right now because I don’t have any co2 in it but I’m going to make a second testing video of all three downs when you do a separate video for this this is this along with probably my um Scarlett and so yeah I’ve been going forward with the doc airsoft to you mr.

by in my loadout video thank you


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