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Bellum 2019 – Part 01

Bellum 2019 – Part 01

Welcom back to a new video This time, we’re back in Sweden. This time we play at Bellum Events. Bellum Events is a rather new organisation that earned stripes in different organisations bigger airsoft events and much more.

We were invited for this event and we went with some of the guys of our team. The field is located near Rodj… Rodjenas I have no idea how to pronounce this. This event is a 32h milsim event that is open for everybody.

On the map we have the red flags, those are domination points. Yellow flags, oh i got that one wrong. Yellow flags are respoin points of Legion. Blue flags are the respawn point of Sparta. We’ve got a Helicopter, a missile site We have eeeuh a harbor, because there are some boat missions.

and the red areas are no fight zone because people … The red dot is a house where somebody lives. For us belgians it’s rare to see people live in a game area. But in Belgium we don’t have game area’s of that size.

So we were quite anxious to start the game. I will give you all the information about the scenarios and the missions that we had to do during the movie. If you have any questions, put them in the comments so i can answer them in the next video.

This will be a multiple part video again because the videos would be to long to put them in one video. This will be part one of the first day. I forgot to mention that we will be playing at the Sparta side.

We have blue patches and the enemy is Legion and they will be wearing yellow and red patches. Gustavus: Is it filming? Is it filming? Fabian: Yeah Verage: SIMON! Verage: Whenever you’re ready. Ford: 1.

1 then 1.2 then … Verage: No Ford: 1.1, 1.3 then 1.2 Verage: Yes Ford: 11, 12, 13 Verage: Allright, we’re waiting. Simon: I have 11? Verage: 1.1 Ford: You’ve got 11 now. Verage: Go Simon: 1.1 move. Gustavus: Yeet Skinny: Yeet Verage: What? Skinny: Bjorn his mags are falling out and he needs duckttape.

He has duckttape in his backpack. FourEyes: It didn’t happen before and now it’s happening Skinny: We can go to D1 first … Verage: You can go to FourEyes: I can go by myself. Verage: No, never go alone.

Our first mission was to capture this capture point. We knew we had to split up in an hour. Because one fireteam had a boat mission coming up. a nd they had to leave to the harbor. More information about that mission later on in the video.

So at game start we went with the 3 squads towards the objective and we split up arround the crossroad. After taking this objective our HQ asked us to go and check out the helipad and hold this position.

Ford: I’m sending 1.3 over for the time being. Verage: Yeah Skinny: See you on the other side. Gustavus: Yeet and delete. Verage: Have fun. Simon: Get your gear sorted. Verage: We have to go that way.

Verage: Are you making a line on this side? While being on guard duty at the helipad our HQ asked us to move up closer to the south of the map arround this area. So we started moving up from the heli pad, south.

We send in 2 scouts to check the area arround this domination point. And we encountered some enemy fire. We decided to take this point first before moving south. Verage: Until we encounter something Verage: Friendly or enemy Verage: Fall back point is the helicopter.

Verage: High possibility of contacts right in front of us, over Ford: Take a line Ford: And go on the side of us. Verage: To the left, push trough. Verage: Push up. Verage: Now, just keep moving. Verage: This is 1 with 1.

3 we got contact near the road. Verage: We’re moving more to the south. Verage: 1.2 this is 1 come in, over Verage: Do you read me? Ford: Yes, i read you. Verage: What’s your status, over. Verage: Keep moving, keep moving left.

Verage: Thomas, you’re okay? Ford: Hit Verage: 1.2 we’re falling back to the west, over. Verage: How many guys do you have left? Dude: 3 Verage: Ok, move up to the west. Verage: That way, that way. Ford: That’s not west, that’s east.

Verage: East, sorry. Verage: Any ideas? Ford: This forrest is pretty much f*cked up. Verage: I don’t want to yell, but i don’t know where 2 is. Verage: There they are. Verage: This is one, send message over.

Verage: Road’s clear. Ford: No, negative. Verage: We just got shot from the road, over. Verage: To the whaaaat? Ford: Helipad. Ford: If we should fall back to the helipad. Verage: No Ford: No Verage: So they should be in front of us.

Verage: How far away from the road are you? over Verage: I think that’s to far away, no? Verage: I have no idea. Ford: I have no clue either. Verage: Keep your eyes open. Verage: Stay where you are. Verage: Did you hear the last bang, over? Verage: That is on our location how far are you from that location, over? Verage: Where are you hit? Verage: Where are you hit? Verage: Further up, further up.

Verage: Get up. Verage: Do you see the others? Verage: Stay low. Verage: We have to move up that way. Marione: We got that way? Verage: That way. Verage: Move up, move up. Verage: Let’s go. Verage: Car, car Verage: Get down, car.

Verage: I see the point. Verage: I see the point. Verage: Go back, go back to the left. Verage: This is 1, the road is not clear. They’re on the other side of the road. Verage: Yes, that’s for us. Verage: Keep moving, don’t stay still.

Verage: Get back, get back. Verage: They’re coming in from the road. Verage: From that way. Verage: Whatch that side. Verage: The road is not clear. Verage: Thomas Verage: We have to go back. Verage: Fall back everybody.

Verage: 1.3, fall back Ford: Fall back Verage: Okay, i’m going to check it out. Ford: The rounds are starting to fall down in front of me. Verage: Go back, i’ll see if i can get him. Verage: Yow, you hit? Verage: If you’re hit just yell if you don’t we just leave you.

Verage: Okay, leave him. Verage: You’re the last one? Dude: yes. Verage: Move up. Verage: Yes, we’re going to attack them. Verage: Let’s do it. Verage: No,no from the road, i think. Verage: 8! Verage: 1 alive in the car.

Verage: 1 to the left. Verage: One still alive in the car, driver two on the left side. Verage: Weapon hit Ford: 4! Verage: Moving. Verage: Thomas, you up? Ford: Yes! Verage: Hit! Ford: I hit the f*cking tree.

Legion: Nice fight. Verage: It was nice. Legion: Nice fight. Verage: It was nice. Verage: Yes, thank you. Legion: They told our people, they have a spawn point over there. Shoot there, and we have people on that side, shoot there throw grenade and everything.

Verage: Yeah, we were on that side. Gustavus: I’m going to Yeet this boat. Bellum: Something something in the back. Bellum: Hold the flag. Bellum: Sit down please. Bellum: It’s bumpy. Skinny: Thank you.

Skinny: Does anybody wants a nade? Simon: Yes, yes Jacob: Yes, Simon has smokes. Simon: I want it… Skinny: Stop it! Gustavus: Sit down kids. Skinny: Who is going to rub my back tonight? Gustavus: I am.

Simon: I will. Gustavus: Americaaa Oh, wait a minute. Gustavus: Oh Czechiaaa. Simon: Don’t salute the Germans. Gustavus: It goes like this … open… Simon: Ok, so here is your rowboat, have fun. Gustavus: Is it filming? Gustavus: It’s time to Yeeet kids.

Simon: Please catch the boat. Simon: Before we’re trown on the rocks. Simon: Be tactical Simon: Be tactical Jacob. Foureyes: Make sure you don’t fall into the water. Simon: Nono, you hold the stick i hold the stick.

People go ashore. Gustavus: That’s a secure rock. Gustavus: Got it. Gustavus: The rock there is really secure. The other one, on the water. Cameraman: Thank you. Jacob: That rock is good. Simon: Where are you going now, because now your shoes are wet.

Skinny: You’re okay? Gustavus: You’re good? Jacob: Hold my … Simon: I need another soldier. Skinny: Yes, i’m here. One of the fireteams went from the harbor to one of the islands. I don’t really know which island.

When they arrived to the island the got the mission. And they had to compete against 5 people of Legion. They had to capture some flags that were scattered arround the island. The one that captured the most flags won the game.

They played a game, switched to the other side and they played again. Radio: Legion is ready. More than ready. Skinny: More than ready. Bellum: Sparta 100% ready? Skinny: No. FourEyes: Leader, are we ready? Simon: Let’s kill some Sweeds.

Bellum: 3, 2, 1 Game Radio: Everything cool, they have 1 flag in 20sec. Gustavus: Can’t see him. Gustavus: Where are you Lisa? Gustavus: I see him in the bush, i can’t ID him. (?) Gustavus: Allright, thanks.

Gustavus: Where is he? Gustavus: Shots fired. Gustavus: Let’s yeet them. Gustavus: Mag out. Gustavus: Remember, when you throw the grenade you have to yell, Yeet. Radio: 2, 1 Go Gustavus: You think he Yeeted himself? Gustavus: With a blue cross in it? Gustavus: The orange flag is Legion.

Gustavus: Mag. Gustavus: Allright, back in. Gustavus: Smoke on the right, smoke on the right. Gustavus: Hit. Bellum: Don’t die. Bellum: Just don’t die. FourEyes: Watch out for the trees. Simon: Just Yeet it.

Gustavus: Yeet it.


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