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Beginners Airsoft Loadout and Gear – Milsim – Jolly Roger Airsoft TV

Beginners Airsoft Loadout and Gear – Milsim – Jolly Roger Airsoft TV

want tacticool looking shirts for your team we’ll head on over to Jolly Roger tactical we have easy-to-use templates to make your team look great just choose your size at the custom text button and under your call sign name and team name and boom you have a custom team shirt just like that easy to order a no-hassle these come in black and tan and while you’re at it don’t forget to check out all the other gear we carry at Jolly Roger tactical plus our school entry on Teen Center sup guys it’s noble from Jolly Roger airsoft and today we’re looking at what makes a good milsim loadout now I know some of you want me to say that you need to see your ass with dual mag pouches on a fast helmet but I’m not going to because that doesn’t really matter a good milsim loadout is something that works for you some people are inaccurate impressions of seals Rangers etc and that’s cool but I have nothing against condor and whatever camel works best the bottom line is that you have to find what works for you now there are some basic guidelines I can give to help you find that quicker and look professional at the same time so that’s what this video will focus on know that major milsim events you’re going to want some basic gear you would benefit from having some kind of rig be it a plate carrier chest rig Alice ski or whatever this allows you to carry magazines in a more efficient and secure fashion camouflage clothing is always also a plus unless you’re designating as the civilian style team you know there’s a ton of different patterns out there but I would suggest something that works for the environment you’re in we will discuss that more in depth later if you’re gonna be playing milsim often it’s also a good idea to invest in a pair of combat boots which can be found at most surplus stores other types of boots will work as well so you have your camo boots rig 9mm gun your gun should suit your play style and should be your most prized possession on the field without your gun you’re useless you’re a liability to your team you need to carry a little more ammunition than you think you will need and this varies from person to person I know people who could burn through a thousand rounds in 10 minutes and people who could last four hours on two mags personally I carried 5 300 rounds stanag magazines which is more than enough for half a day evolution at a standard milsim up I could get by with 4 but just in case I carry the fifth finally you need I Pro or face Pro or whatever the field requires I use good shooting glasses whenever I most large fields require full seal so we gravitate towards special sunglasses with foam inserts they are used to make them full seal they don’t fog badly in their low profile they look cool enough to wear around town I would also recommend a lower mesh face mask simply because the mesh cuts down on the fogging if you have to wear a lower mask anti fog wipes also work well highly recommended so this is all you need for a milsim operation helmets pistol tactical heads-up displays this is all secondary and optional you don’t need it no for a rig I have nothing against contour I use my MPs plate carrier or Malaya condor ops chest rig so you know I’m just fine with that I know it’s not the highest quality stuff but it gets the job done for my airsofting needs if you want to go and be above and beyond that’s fine too you get what you pay for but I don’t personally absolutely need the nicer gear now I use Molly because I like the adaptability and modularity of the system but you can use any sort of built-in pouches or Atlas gear or whatever you want all that matters is that you’re using a rig that can carry what your gear or whatever you need pockets are fine for CQB or backyard games but carrying five magazines your pockets get sold after a few hours trust me I use a double a cane magazine pouch to carry most of my ammo when I’m not using the built-in pouches on my MPs play carrier I also have an EMT pouch that I use the field repair kit an admin pouch that can hold mp5 or pistol mags a triple a submachine gun magazine pouch for when I use my mp5 and a Molly backpack slash hydration carrier from my plate carrier I don’t always use all these pouches and that’s one of the key advantages of the molle system I only take out what I need for camouflage most people either use standard wooden camo three color desert or the ever-popular multicam woodland is great for greener environments while three color desert excels in the desert but multi cancel a little of both it’s a universal pattern meaning that it can be used in either wooded or arid environments although I think it works slightly better in the arid environments multi cam has become one of the most popular patterns used in airsofters but I don’t notice that razor and his brother Angel the only two Rogers to actually use multicam I personally use woodland for wood environments and desert a tax for my tan kit and I’ll also use an OD green khaki loadout every now and then other guys on our team use tiger stripes desert which chef aar√≥n’s battling informed black and flecktarn among others four official opposite depends on what the team uniform requirements are but usually will where would lender black tops on khaki pants those are pretty much our two standard uniforms your gun should be yours and even you should know and love it personally I use my kwa m4 with Magpul front handguard flip up iron sights and a high cap magazine for milsim games I recommend a gun that shoots around 400 FPS so that you can get that little extra range and punch through those that brush that the enemies going to being cover behind a 300 FPS gun often fails to penetrate the foliage as well as a higher FPS gun would I don’t find barrel length to be that important my m4 length works just fine for me because it’s more versatile than a longer gun now I can’t tell you what specific magazines to get just make sure that you get magazines that work before getting it on the field there’s no worse feeling than putting in your mag pulling the trigger and seeing nothing come out it’s terribly frustrating keep your magazines secure and clean so you don’t Jam up your gun you know when you’re rolling around in the dirt your magazines are gonna get dirty wipe them down before you put them in your gun again I carry one magazine more than I think I need to and that’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to hero camo capacity take a little bit more than you do think you’re gonna need no I haven’t made any special upgrades to my gun and you know none are required really to be successful in the field 400 FPS is all you need as long as you can hit with decent accuracy lipos are good but I have no personal experience with them so I can’t really speak towards that but I manage a whole day on 29.

6 bolt and then Chuck batteries without any problem no matter what battery you use lipo not I recommend carrying a backup that’s very important it’s very nice to have just in case your gun goes down now I don’t use any optics every right the red dot sight I’ve ever had is broken so I’ve just given up on all that iron sights work fine with me you’re not accurate enough to long ranges to make serious use of a scope on an aeg unless you’re a super souped-up DMR but you’re probably not watching your this video if you are four times zoom scopes wasting money at airsoft you you’re not gonna be shooting that far anyway I can shoot just as easily with you know the unbreakable iron sights it’s a red dot sight so you know it’s not a funk Nelligan I need again some people really like them yeah more power to you but it’s just not something I’ve ever needed no headgear none of us wear helmets on a regular basis so I’m less than useless we’re talking about helmets at UPS I don’t know the fancy SEAL team has set ups or whatever you know that’s not something I look into I don’t I have one I have two helmets but I rarely wear them helmets are hot heavy bulky and they don’t really provide any protection on the battlefield for most games so I just stick with a boutique a pro baseball hat it’s lighter and it gives me cooler and yeah I prefer it I’ll wear a you know a painted skater helmet when I’m filming with my contour but that’s about it if you’re trying to replicate a real still military unit then you’ll need to research what helmets they use or whatever you want to do but JRA we’re really focused more on function than appearance a simple hat bandana or bruni cover is enough to protect my head I’ll also wear shemagh around my neck just to give myself a rag to wipe sweat or dirt on I can also dip it in water to cool off or I can use it with a scarf when it’s cold I highly recommend the Shema it’s a great piece of kit now I don’t personally have a working secondary weapon at this point my kjw m1911 has been broken for some time now and I’ve never gotten a little $6 part required to fix it I get along just fine though pistol is not necessity sure it’s nice to have and cool to have but you by no means need it I use a co2 pistol when I do use a pistol but you know if the enemy is that close it’s time to leave so that’s really it for my talk about milsim loadout I’m sure there’s more I can expand on here but follow these basic guidelines and are flexible and are able to adapt your loadout to fit your needs then you’ll have a successful loadout in no time there’s no singular template for loadout I can’t tell you what you should do what you have to do there’s it’s all up to you and you know each person’s are going to have their own unique preferences the key is to find what those preferences are and create your own unique load-up no I always carry a nerf tomahawk um I liked and thought some people think it’s big bulky and stupid but I don’t care it’s part of what makes my loadout mine and I would never sit up without it I haven’t ever I don’t think so good luck and finding your load us and remember that we were all news once


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