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Beginner Airsoft Loadout

Beginner Airsoft Loadout

hey guys you’re watching I yourself too and today we’re going to go for my loadout not my new load out so um yeah if you saw the inbox in video besides got a lot of this stuff very recently haven’t got a chance to use all of it but I’m pretty used to a lot of my gear now this chest rig it is new one that I used to use before was this old Iraqi test rig made for 8k ones it got really torn up bum the band got really ripped apart there but it was a good chess truth i use it for pain call still serves me well and i used to use this paintball mask this is a good mask for paintball and why not for yourself though so now we’re gonna start out with you know you know how those check blood Nvidia’s guess we’re going to start out with my arena flapjack goggles I like them they’re very nice they don’t fog up very much at all actually haven’t got chest use about much but um this is my iron face lower mesh mask gen2 as if gentoo means anything but i think it’s good cover my ears um I got his size pretty well on my head you may have no so got a haircut just to get the mesh mask on better and under that I wear this that’s a cold i don’t know you want to call it but scarflette was most colorful on it just to cover my neck you know about that big cut on something that they see it more but um don’t want to getting shot and so yeah so now that i took off all that stuff it’s kind of a little bit but i’m going to move down on my body and then when one of my pants so I’ve where this more Pat rink or blouse I have sleeves rolled up it’s kind of big on me seems like everything I where the big on me but um it’s good um very nice blends in with the woodland very well moving downs in my Condor gen5 tactical recon chest I just got it off of me buddy around like $35 it’s very good hold six m4 mags and then you have six pistol pouches which right now I have my speed loaders my night yeah that’s very useful I guess stuff like that these two are empty um then I have my emags and just some other mags really miscellaneous so you filled out nicely and then all the sides i have more ability for their stuff um actually right now i’m wearing my brothers you SPU umarex USP pretty good um so I’m sticking that right now inside of a motorola radio pouch yeah I know kind of running its kind of sedative then I’ve got my utility pouch over here and you know I have this attached just if I wanted like the electrical tape on it or anything else really that I want and so I’m now on my hands I’m actually wearing some marine corps issued gloves they are called rencor max grip these are size large which so surprisingly fell on my hand but they’re very grip like and they feel nice a very good of an easement for why these ones are kind of dirty you saw the signal here but now as i move down this is my GG raider 16 blog version with my one point sling actually trade it out this is playing through another swing which is pretty good but as you move down i’m wearing jeans right now actually and some skate board knee pads and jeans work really good well it worked pretty good anyway and then I wear my hiking boots down there nothing special but um yeah that it won’t spend too much rig before it’s been getting play carries everything but I just realized that it’s just much better meal only playing airsoft so oh yeah this is my low down and so i think i’m going to end up changing it as it go long with as i get experience so yeah don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe


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