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Beginner Airsoft Loadout (Richard)

Beginner Airsoft Loadout (Richard)

hello and this is richard jones from the northern airsofters hit show off my beginner award out so first of all so get started first of all to show your own culture put my gun down I’ll explain to you about that later first of all as you can see here I have the notion what making as it wasn’t mentioned in the title but it was in my recommended list after i got this jg g 36 it was titled bulletproof mask bulletproof in what you call it and sweetheart which means it’s not really bored with it however it should stop Phoebe and which is why use it but it won’t stop real bullets obviously because the truth Casting it much the bottom fit because of the spare and fizz much the bottom side of it and season to touch this on it and use the spare one of you if need two are the only comes with one pair of goggles so that’s not a whole as you can see it’s got a wire mesh for three eyes so it prevents and clogging up and stuff that up which might be quite line for people who you already have masks that’s plastic and so going down I gots my collar jacket I got this from my local army shop side but when airsoft war bunch took off with my good so this just a standard british army issue combat jacket they don’t use many more because they’ve switched over to MTP l+ multi-turn pun so this is on their old DPM pumps and here we have my combat jacket and combat rocky I i bought this off a friend who got this from his detachment from class and he actually bought his as bell but reason why I got this get an issue one is that how a viper assault better assault belt and I this is good for leg resting resting your weapon on if you have a horny out front wrestling weapon on hey just go underneath there at the comedy so if you want to touch any pockets or anything that’s pretty hard hard on come to eat poop out of the pockets inside comically I have my husband’s gotta be on my airsoft sig sauer this is a gas blowback pistol and not quite sure of the FPS by God I gotta flee about ninety 90 pounds i think as i remember and words agitate our skeleton with me quite good good so going down how these are DPM trousers a 30 hole par used to be my dad’s because because i can’t use my let trousers i shoot but that’s all ones and the these can get a look muddy and they’ve already got tears in them in places or you can get with devar bit and should be okay and here we have my these are actually my cadet boots by and bother them separately so i know how to use these and they are combat boots the corny lexicon calm as you see from thomna and that’s Ric div last me a long time through connect sundaresan and quite a pin to put quite click to clean much of BMS often bus that’s really all I can save all those cut apartment laughs that’s roughly 8 for Mine ports but the main parts of my lord o is my GG g36c this is unconditional bail a few days ago think it was Tuesday’s this week it’s now sunday and even though it did even though I was waiting three weeks for it its attempts than that I’ve heard all boys it’s quite a lot of power to it I’m shooting it out of my garden shoot them a time it’s tough and it is really accurate especially on surprisingly only automatic its bar just as accurate as it is and semi-automatic speaking of that you got this cut here with safety single shot and a fully automatic EU just switching between them saw a little pit bull pen all of that it’s it got an adjustable hop-up so if you on a spin bike and in that you might not be able to see now but you can adjust the hop up in there if you need need to look at other things got a high cap magazine 104 450 on my 419 you’re pretty sure 250 but they go to quite crazy to Lord just pull this back Lord pod babies in and it does have a little windy thing on monitor or what ya collar but you want not to get the BBS up into Chandler know the good thing about this gun is that it has a folding stock for if you’re doing a closed closed waters and stuff haha planning about planning nothing FPS wise i think it’s roughly 300 + 320 and other other things about this gun i could ramble on for ages about this color is a very good but i will say that do a review a proper review of the gun which we won’t be doing until I actually take it to my local desktop site and try it out in combat it’s quite a pin I can play but once you’re done that’s how that’s how it looks and we’ll quite glad I got I got this gun is a good choice especially for beginner airsofters and that’s what it is featured in all beginner worn out so like the tall price of the Lord out is well one it’s what I bought this cop can solve that for about 30 35 pounds along with my combat jacket my car my jackets will be 10 and sucks up 45 pounds the mask with also 10 pounds and that’s 55 pounds with this is some prop 19 pounds so if 145 pounds and with this G face who is she 36 this was about 130 pounds but then plus C hard with you two on one out struck out to get my on to talk separately which added up to 140 pounds so that would be 285 pounds at all it’s quite an extra credit and it creates pencil or if you are a beginner to skirmishing could be one for you and think about against possible order a lot of cup cause that’s why it and please like comment and subscribe this was Richard Jones of anonymous offices we’ll see you next time goodbye


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