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BEGADI HW47 AK47 HPA POLARSTAR Airsoft Review [Eng Sub] Deutsch

BEGADI HW47 AK47 HPA POLARSTAR Airsoft Review  [Eng Sub] Deutsch

OMG YEAH BABY YEAH! A crazy sound, a super fast trigger and unbelievable power That it is no ordinary airsoft AK47, no GBB, no AEG. This is HPA. In this AK works a polarstar system. You see the tube and my backpack.

This AK blown the BB in wind rope! Never thought that HPA is so much fun. I’m not talking so much. I say let’s start the intro. Have fun with my BEGADI HW47 review Let’s take a look to the Air blower 🙂 The HW47 comes in this clear black box.

No illustration only some warnings in white letters. 18 years, use glasses, danngerous, etc. Result: this must contain an Airsoft 🙂 That’s right. Finally you paid for it i will now show you the content of the box.

I put the manual to the side. I’ll show you first how the whole airsoft is packaged. The Airsoft is clean in a plastic pakaging but this has a disadvantage. Due the HPA conversion, the HPA tube is unfortunately bent 🙁 I show you Can you see it? BEGADI could have just cut a hole into the box for the tube.

This is certainly more gentle.I recommend you. If you want to store the Airsoft in the box. Cutting a hole for the HPA tube. I have it now in my hand. Here it is! The BEAGADI HW47 Full steel, real wood.

a very solid gun Also steel is the highcap 500 round magazine then you get a cleaning rod The box also includes a small LIPO battery Now to the paperwork 🙂 you get a sticker from polarstar. You can stick it somewhere but please do not stick it on the butt.

That looks ugly 🙂 there are also two instructions for the polarstar system. Then i have a cop yof the PTB. This shows you that this airsoft is legal in germany. Finally you got a chrono report. Here you can see that the HW47 has 2.

6 Joule i will check the chrono data later in my review. A manual for the airsoft itselfs is not in the box The airsoft costs 919,- Euro. You can buy it from BEGADI. I put a link in the description And now i have it in my hand.

The HW47 respectively the Kalashnikov. Time to tell you something about the real steel. The Kalashnikov. I have a real cash box in my hand. Who does not know her 🙂 The AK47 is probably the best known assault rifle in the world.

I strongly maintain that there is no one, who does not know what is anAK 🙂 It was developed in 1947 by Michail Timofejewitsch Kalaschnikow. I hope i have pronounced right 🙂 47 stands for the year, A for automatic and K for Kalashnikov.

…. AK47. It is THE soviert-russian assault rifle ever, wich is still used successfully tody. By the AK family. And now please hold on! Were are 100 million pieces produced! I can not imagine that. If i put all AKs side by side.

How long would that be? An AK has a lenght of 880mm. This multiplied with 100 million = 88000 KM. 2 Times around the world and a little more !! 100 million from the AK family. that means AK47 with fix stock and AKS with folding stock It is officially deployed in 60 states as standard assault rifle by the army.

It was used also in the old GDR by the NVA. A standard weapon is the AK also unfortunately in illigal hands and in crisis areas. It is a simply an indestructible, robust and simple weapon. This gives the kalashnikov this negative touch as a bad guy gun.

I continue with some data of the AK47. please look the screen 🙂 The AK47 can be shot in semi or fullauto fire. The ROF is here at 600 RPM. The effective range is about 350 meters. That was the real steel.

Let’s continue with the BEGADI HW47. It is time for the bodycheck. Here we go. I ‘ll show you the HW47 a bit closer. Looks gorgeous! all metal parts a made of full steel and all brown parts a made of real wood! i have here a very solid and stable airsoft in my hand.

Also the weight of over 3,7 kg. That even exceeds a little bit the weight of the real steel. Very Impressive! BEGADI has put togehter this airsoft. The body comes from LONEX and the internals from POLARSTAR.

Please take a look at the surface texture. the AK comes out of the box with a little used look. This makes the AK even more authentic. I like it very much. You know i’m always a bit stiff. But an AK must simply have Used-Look 😀 Everything is right here and for that there is a thumbs up from me.

Let’s continue with some data. Please look screen.


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