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Bear Paw OTs-03 SVU GBB Airsoft Sniper Rifle Hard Recoil & Loud Noise

Bear Paw OTs-03 SVU GBB Airsoft Sniper Rifle Hard Recoil & Loud Noise

Bruce here BB2K Airsoft Channel You have the impression that I unpack more than I do reviews. You’re right. It’s unbelievable what I’ve got everything lately. This box is my own fault. Today I’m unboxing the Bear Paw OTS-03 SVU GBBR for you.

I just had to have 🙂 The SVU is available in two variants. In aluminum and in steel Aluminum costs 800 euros and steel 1,400 euros in Germany Product links I write in the video description. I opted for the aluminum version.

Of the internals, both versions do not differ. Both have aluminum installed. The expensive steel version offers you here no durability advantage. The steel version gives you more weight. I’ll show you the parts later.

I’ll get the rifle out first. Let’s see what’s in the box. First, I got a heart candy 🙂 Many Thanks. I can use that 🙂 Then I have the bill and a lot of advertising here The first time I saw and touched the SVU at the IWA 2018.

I have said it many times but in 2018 was the GasBlowBack year ever. A dream for me but hell for my wallet 🙂 Luckily I do Airsoftreviews, so I get airsoft sometimes borrowed from the shops. Without I would definitely need this heart candy.

Otherwise I get a heart attack 😀 But continue. Here the OT-03 SVU. The Bullpup version of the SVD. in this box is the good piece. The box looks good anyway. I open now and am also very excited. I will also do a first try for you.

I get up and then we look at it together Here are earplugs with it. The SVU is damn loud. Thanks to Bullpup you have the noise right at the ear… Will I see in the first try, or hear if I get a tinnitus 🙂 Then I have a guide here.

I like the design. Looks authentic. From the shop there is also a manual in German A speedloader This SVU comes from the WE ACE-VD and was rebuilt by Bear Paw. Look at how these Airsoft is celebrated here in a box.

lies in a sack cloth. Looks very cool. That’s very stylish. I take out the rifle From the weight already very neat. I have the aluminum variant here. I’ll show you the technical data here I really like the bullpup design.

That really makes a rifle something special. And you have the advantage of having a short rifle without losing barrels length. I’ll show you the comparison to the SVD.The SVU, on the other hand, is a baby.

I show the SVU something closer The SVU is not just aluminum. There are also some steel parts. An important part here is made of steel and this is the part where the Scopemount is located. Would the Scopmount made of aluminum.

The danger is that it breaks with Scope. The blowback is powerful. Mock Supressor an barrel are aluminium. Gassystem is steel, Frontsight is aluminium Trigger and Triggerguard ist made of steel. The Cover is steel and the rest is aluminium And in the steel version, all steel except the Internals A steel Mock supressor and barrel can be bought separately from bear pawl.

Here you have the adjustable flipup sights. also here in the front. I take it right in the hand. It is very well and balanced. at the prices. 800 euros aluminum and 1400 steel. Very high price compared to other countries 🙁 I will now start my first attempt.

Let’s see if my ears are bleeding right away 🙂 First the goggles. Bullpup is great. Just great Now I’m curious how it shoots What was your Airsoft vavorit in 2018? It has come out quite a lot of airsoft.

Also GBB I was pleasantly surprised that many manufacturers now have the courage to produce GBB. Also exotic like this SVU here. Now check if the magazine is on Dryfire the airsoft is loaded. I’ll go a little closer.

omg is that loud it really hard. I would say. It’s the loudest airsoft I’ve ever shot Incredible. You have all the fun, the whole Recoil right at your ear It is already very hard with the SVD of WE. Here you have the sound right on your ear! see it from the side again it is really .

………… it is very loud Ear protection are recommended. You can already feel it in your ear. We have this great bolt like the WE SVD. wonderful sound Come on … I’ll give it to you again. Shit on my ears 🙂 A quick look at the trigger.

You can feel the pressure point. About 3mm and then you have it. the reset point is also quite good So I have to say. I am very excited! New Year’s Eve, you do not need Firecrackers 😀 The OTS-03 CSR Bear Paw also already makes alarm! SVU is going very well.

absolutely genius l This is a very nice piece again. I will try to get the mock suppressor and the steel barrel. To have more weight. I look at the rifle a little more closely in the review. Safety on mega mega Airsoft.

how do you like this bullpup SVU? ugly or cool? Write it in the comments. So I think it’s really great That was it. Bruce with slight tinnitus on the right ear I hope you had fun in this video for OTS-03 SVU sniper rifle If you have not subscribed to my channel yet.

I would be glad if you do it. Below is there another video. I have to take care of my ear a little bit now that was it. Stay healthy. Until the next review. Your ….. oh come on one last time and then closing time.

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