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BB in der Maske | Airsoft Gameplay in Lauterbach

BB in der Maske | Airsoft Gameplay in Lauterbach

there’s a BB inside check this impossible hey guys, Geonox here welcome to a new airsoft video we are at the CQB arena in Lauterbach Germany usually I run my Cyma Glock 18c today my airsoft buddy paddy gave me his G33 the rifle is bigger and heavier than my pistol but after geting used to the weight this gun is a lot of fun game mode is bunker who ever reaches 600 on the timer first wins I am team red we got to get to the bunker as quick as possible move your head a bit hit he’s hit.

Now to the bunker sneaky guy didn’t expect him there this is my YouTube buddy Ruempel his link is in the description below you got the radio live from Vietnam let’s chase some Charlie Charlie is not here today oh that Charlie bunker color? bunker is red the counter is counting for us how far does the counter go 600 that’s Paddy the owner o the gun I am shooting right now Paddy is doing the Peak-a-boo no more ammo oldest Trick ever hit we’re already at 900 it’s not enough to reach 600 you must then press the button and then you win the round the counter is already at 900 for both teams I press the button game over we win there are 2 things that are most important in airsoft No 1: always know the game mode and Highlander is going to tell us No 2 what’s the game mode? emm? bomb emm village suitcase? village defense One more thing guys well, ok let’s just play alright, No 2 isn’t that important then nothing coming out so good that is coming out I appear relaxed but I am hiding my frustration oh now oh hehe the tracer was switched off 😀 hit that’s a monkey head come here game mode is village defense here at the car this is the village their objective is to conquer the village we have to defend they’ve got unlimited lives our lives are very limited I’l get you come out oh empty no more ammo have to reload [monkey screams] who let the monkeys out the mad monkeys are in the house a crazy but very funny airsoft team there an enemy hit maybe next time I have no more lives all I can do is wait for the game to be over that’s an enemy and he conquered our village [monkey screams] this pistol is heavie than your primary may I shoot I like that new round the same game mode this time we are attacking I am not going to show you the entire round because it is very late and I need to finish editing this video but you won’t miss anything interesting the enemy is to strong we have no chance most of the game looks like this hit dead man hit hit dead man hit dead man outch hit hit dead man we are getting.

..you know what I mean what I actually wanted to show you is this hit right on the mask there’s a BB inside check this impossible right my mask isn’t damaged and I have no clue how but somehow a BB got inside my mask that’s it for today hope you enjoyed it.

please leave a like and a sub I will see you next time. And as always happy gaming 🙂


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