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Battlegrounds Airsoft | PUBG in Real Life

Battlegrounds Airsoft | PUBG in Real Life

(Hop on!) Here we go boys! (I’m too old for this…) The trailer’s getting lighter! Well then… (Dasvidaniya!) Well, good luck! (Disembarked.) (All unit, attention, the game has begun! Forward the message.

) (Attention to all players, the bombing of C3 has begun. Over.) Missed! (Really? It f****** missed?) Got me! Not worth wasting… (Come on, I got him!) I will execute you… Executing, so you can go freely.

I won’t f*** up this time. (failed to reload before) What kind of ammo box has no ammo in it? (The plane begins the bombing at the southern passageway.) Let’s take the shotgun… (Hit! Nice shot.) (Spilled BBs everywhere.

) Are you okay? (That was brutal…) You OK? (Yep, just almost lost my teeth.) (The gun came with this…) Thanks! (I also have this!) Just put it down there. I was just thinking… why should I leave this place? There is a comrade, let’s shoot him a bit! Have to be kidding.

.. Does not shoot in semi? Look, watch this… Now it’s okay… I can’t shoot! 😀 No clue on what’s wrong… my friend. It’s unbelievable. Chill, I don’t have anything. Not even BBs. No pan, tottally clean.

😀 (Pick it up!) I will, just don’t kill me! 😀 Whoah, the camera! I lost it! There it is! Do you have bandages? Ah, nevermind. (Executed, do you have bandage?) Nope. (Come over here, but put away your gun and hands in the air!) I worth nothing.

I’m friendly, don’t have anything. Nothing, absolutely. No tricks. (You have any BBs?) (The first 50, unlootable.) I can give you if you need. (Give it!) (To me, not him. He has plenty.) Who are you fighting against? (I shot him.

) (We shot each other so far.) Against each other? (Of course, we are not a duo.) I will execute you… Okay? And you too… (That was really dirty…) You answered wrong, if you were a team I would fight with you.

(Attention to all players, last circle coming up. Coordinates are E2 in 30 seconds, I repeat…) Hey, you won with my gun!


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