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Battlefield 4 Insipired Support Class Tactical Gear Loadout – Airsoft GI

Battlefield 4 Insipired Support Class Tactical Gear Loadout – Airsoft GI

airsoft G I would like to thank our sponsors hi GI TV I’m Bob the axe man Hilda ran here with Spencer the combat teddy bear whistles he’s unloaded from the tech department say hi Spencer god bless america all right now the release tape from battlefield 4 is fast approaching and a lot of us here at GI TV are huge fans of that series and because of that we decided to put together a loadout based on the support class based on a character model we found a line from battlefield 4 now this guy and this photos weren’t a lot of kit and we decided to replicate that as best as we could so without further ado let’s get into the gear all right since we’re going over the year why don’t we start with the most important piece of this kit the main weapon what do you got there Spencer so just a classic army m249 has the rail front end rail feet recover and then the Ranger stock is pretty plain but it’s all the character model had in a fluid well plain-jane gun but it’s still very effective all right once you set that down we’ll move on to the rest of the kit all right now on to the gear let’s go head to toe first of which is we have the Lancer tactical Mitch 2001 and VG helmet now on top of that we also have some revision desert locust goggles with turbofan very good set of goggles we next up we have a Petzl headlamp out on the left side of the helmet we also have a surefire helmet mounted light now we also have some contacts on there I believe those are a replica Liberator contact every pilot there are replicas liberators okay but in the character model he’s wearing felt art contact threes which are four to five hundred dollar purse okay are you are also wearing a balaclava but you have something to say about that Envy Jima oh the yeah the nvg mount here is a is a badge traffic atop corvette replica but in the character mile you can barely see it it’s a nor dos universal mount okay so a little bit different alright now just below he’s rocking to shemagh and below that you can see hydration tube which is connected to his hydration unit on the back i believe it’s a Camelback now what else do you have here up on the top so we’ve got this is the push-to-talk for the radio a couple Eagle FB Kydex mag pouches a single bag pouch which is empty in the photo for some reason and a admin pouch now you also have an iff for the American flag iff ice hatch right there we also a much larger American flag we didn’t have a smaller one but also America yeah now we also have a VIP light correct yes okay now you have four different types or not four different eyes four different ammo pouches what do you have to say about those so the sport it’s a support gun role so you have to carry a lot of ammo and stuff so these two are m249 pouches and these two are m60 pouches in the photo this part is cut off and then there’s a small loop patch here but we didn’t have that we didn’t want to cut this new pouch so kind of just jam these in yeah so we try to replicate it to the best of our abilities now you do have some IR chemlights infrared cameras on there very well play alright now further on we do have a double mag pouch with an ITW ably tactical clip on there now what kind of gun is that a m9 beretta cider okay okay to do a pretty standard we also have a fragmentation grenade pouch right there camp we also have a cat that applications tourniquet correct yes excellent work on that now I believe that’s going to do it for most of the front of this kit why don’t we actually once you tell me about that retention lanyard what is that fault yeah so the retention line you’re getting in and out of a helicopter you hook in that way helicopter goes down you don’t follow your death sounds pretty important all right and as we all know falling out of helicopters sucks so good thing you have that retention lanyard on there at least for looking cool now you do have this badass little jacket on what is that this is a Patagonia PCU level 5 um it looks close enough when we first look the photo but looking back at more I think it might be a cry filled shirt but it’s kind of hard to tell from the one photo it looks a little bit different but this is a pretty good replication now you’ve also got some Oakley hard knuckle gloves on yes yeah the in the photo they’re Outdoor Research Overlord gloves but and those gloves are about $100 for a pair yeah let’s message so couldn’t exactly replicate that either but we got the next best thing now why don’t we head to the back of your kit all right now in the back we do have a high ground gear communications pouch now what kind of radios in there it’s a KC UHF radio jasiu UHF radio now further on we do have a map pack that’s where Spencer is keeping his hydration as well as a few other utility items we also have a large American flag right there because America now obviously the map pack is black right here in the photo it is tan we went with what we had available to us but that is essentially the same pack you see in the photo just a different color now moving on we do have actually a knife at kit or a knife AK pouch individual first-aid kit right there that’s going to do it for the back of this loadout all right Spencer I’m gonna ask you what I’m sure a lot of our viewers have been wondering what pants are those prime precision combat easy pants awesome those sound legit as all heck now below those you’re wearing gaiters what kind of gaiters of those other Outdoor Research haters now I don’t see a lot of folks wearing gaiters what would you use those specifically for it’s mainly just running around it outside and the dirt and stuff just keeps debris out of your shoes like rock sticks and all that other knowing stuff okay makes a lot of sense now what kind of boots are those they’re Marilyn 11 later boots damn nice all right now you’ve been wearing this loadout for going on a couple hours now um what is your personal opinion on how this is set up um well it’s hot and then basically uh it’s a support load so it has all the ammo you would need and stuff this is way too much weight on my leg I would never wear this hear me so just having a box mag but everything else the secondary that secondary uh the tourniquets in a good spot and all the other things you need to get to are accessible so everything is pretty good what makes a lot of sense I mean game developers you know aren’t real world operators so they might not know the best way to set up stuff but overall your opinion is pretty good kit pretty pretty well uh well put together so well we appreciate you guys staying around for the set up for this video let us know in the comments below what you guys think our next loadout should be be it from a video game or a movie just throw us your info and let us know what you think about what our next loadout should be well I’m Bobby axe man Hildebrand this is Spencer the convent teddy bear Wessels and this is GI TV


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