We got, we got a lone, we got a lone Hey! Stop! STOP! Look at him, he reminds me of a fresh spawn in DayZ I always killed fresh spawns in DayZ Hello everybody and welcome to airsoft battle royal In this open world game you start out with a backpack full of random stuff You’re one of 8 people The only objective is to be the last one alive You can make friends, you can make enemies But you have no idea who you can trust I got.

.. Oooooh baby There’s a pepsi! Hell ya Dude, there’s a hat Don’t know what these are gonna be used for [Laughing] uh, knife Kyle? Come here Ya come here. Um I… I got a bag of doritos I got some mountain dew Ok, let’s do this Why so many buckles? Oh man, it’s like Christmas Let’s make our way to the ammo I guess now I’m gonna try and find some ammo I got some rope Ooh, get away I kill you with it I kill you with this You wanna go? [Ringing noise] [Louder ringing noise] There’s something inside the truck Scott! Get over here! I’m good thank you What’s up man? What did you guys get? I’ve got some water, I’ve got some snacks Let’s be friends I offer you the pepsi Hmm Ok.

.. psst psst Oh hi Haha, hi [Chuckle] How’s it going Mathew? Ha, I was just looking for another buckle. Life is good. Umm Tell you what I’m pretty alone right now Are you? You’ve seen that I could have killed you Absolutely, you definitely had the drop on me Tell you what, I will give you 100 dollars right now It’s monopoly dollars but it’s.

.. You know in monopoly land, if we end up goind there after this predicament You’re gonna be a right man Keep your ears warm Nah, I’m good My ears are pretty toasty Wait so Tim, where’d you start at? Capri What about you? Crack shack You ran all the way over here? That’s quite far Cause I saw on the map marked ammo so I came over here If we can control the ammo, no one else has ammo right? Do you, do you wanna zip tie me? Do, do you have zip ties? I do have zip ties Yes, I should zip tie you I think that’s a great idea Should you take my bag too? Ya sure, ya This is where I get Dayton to carry all my stuff [Laughing] You’re my prisoner! Is that the ammo everyone is looking for? Maybe Is it? Maybe I’ll give you 5 BBs So, if we get to the end We’ll have a crazy one v.

one ya? Ya, that would be pretty cool Ok, let’s uhh People I want to team up… I want to stay away from Kyle I wanna for sure stay away from Kyle Where’d you spawn? You wanna go over to cabin? Quick get over here, I don’t know about those people Oh shit there’s.

.. HEY HEY! HEY HEY DON’T! We just, we got nothin’! We got mountain dew! Ya, I see ’em Do you want to get ’em from… They’re splitting up I think if we can get to the cabin we can sneak around the back Either take them prison.

.. I think we should take all their stuff and let them live Should we? I wonder if they have guns There’s a guy with a gun [Bad Russian accent] Hello fellow scavenger [Bad Russian accent] Hello [Russian accent] My friend, are you alone? [Russian accent] I am alone [Russian accent] Are you fellow immitation Russian? [Russian accent] Indeed We’re, we’re looking for a.

.. a trifecta You wanna drop your guns there? Or holster at least? Everybody is going to be in teams of two Ok? What we need to do Is have a team of three to outnumber people That’s how we’re gonna win this You all good Scott? You all good? Are they cool? Back off.

.. Back off! Ok, there’s that ammo case Do we wanna go check it out? Ready? Let’s go, you got it? Do you have a gun? Me? I have a grenade He got the ammo? Ya, Zack has ammo You got grenades? Go… kill, kill Zack [Laughing] What, what are you You’re clearly not someone we want on a team! That’s not a great way to make friends Hey, my other buddy, I’m ratting him out, go kill him Oh, nice Get ’em, get ’em, get him He’s in the car, go Take him hostage Hey! I got doritos Hey Kyle! Get over here Guys, they have guns, they have big boy guns If you keep walking I will shoot! There’s three people over here! Act of war if you do not come here! Do you want to hang with the cool kids or what? Nah, oh ya, cool kids cool kids I’m keeping my bag in here Cause I have all my shit If we get split up, meet at HQ Still team tag? Team tag Put ’em on the ground Hey! Is that a grenade? What else you got on you? [Grenade going off] Our team of three just.

.. Wait! Somebodie’s dying! Twp down That wasn’t us, they just killed each other! They blew each other up! Ok, grab they’re stuff, let’s get out of here Mathew, I’m sorry Mathew [Gargling Sounds] Oh! He’s still sort of alive! Ugh ugh ugh Ok he’s dead, he’s done He’s dead now, put him out of his misery Run! Run! Sorry guys Tim, you got them? No They did.

They say they blew each other up I’m not sure if that’s even a thing but… But apparently they blew each other up. But I don’t trust them They just took their scalps and ran But they ran off that way towards fortress This is not good We just went from a team of four To a team of two There were mistakes that were had Oh my goodness We got rope, we got tape We can take prisoners now Do you want some doritos? I got some water Zack has a gun Ya I know, so we need to take him out Well.

.. According to DayZ rules I don’t need to eat for another four minutes Mathew, I am sorry Mathew was a good guy We had a good plan We were gonna… I’m ok wearing it as a scalp He uh, he was gonna be my fake prisoner And I was gonna get other people to be my Good guy and search him and then he was gonna stab people From what I can tell, there was eight of us at the beginning Two of us are down So that’s six There’s one two three.

.. four five And your friend in the black I don’t know where he is. Six. I saw him But I don’t know where he is. He’s being very sneaky and I don’t trust that Have you been inside the house yet? No Do you want to go check it out? Ohhh, shit Aww, fuck We got, we got a lone, we got a lone, we got a lone Hey! Stop! STOP! I’m unarmed! He says he’s unarmed What do you have on you I only have snacks and hand cuffs Give me the hand cuffs Keep an eye on him Oh, I knew this has a bad idea Shouldn’t have said you had hand cuffs [Laughing] Wait, so how many people did you say have guns? I have his gun! I have, Dayton’s gun! No no guys, this is a kill zone as well over here, we have to go this way Don’t leave your gun sitting beside him Ok, if you guys are gonna kill me, please mercy me Do you think we should? He doesn’t have anything on him He reminds me of a fresh spawn in DayZ You know what we could do? We could just take his shit and leave Don’t have to kill him I always killed fresh spawns in DayZ Do you have any last words? Just mercy me I don’t know those Have a good time Tim, tim I still think we should kill Zack though He was trying to creep up on you while you were walking ya? Go ahead I give you permission to any time take him out Zack, find anything? Huh? If at any moment you can, take him down Find anything? Nah Zack? He’s here Sorry man [Laughing] Did I get you in the dick? Is this the ammo? You guys have 20 seconds Is this the box? What about that bag of BBs sitting there? Ya, BBs, gas BBs, gas, let’s get out of here Are we in the safe zone? Ya we are He called 3a, we’re in 2a That means he’s trying to force those guys towards us [Radio] This is command, this is command, be advised, be advised [Radio] There is a shotgun, there is a shotgun, fully loaded with ammo [Radio] At police station Go.

.. Let’s go I’m gonna take a look Go go go go go go Hey! Scott! Ya!? Grassy knoll! I got it! Shoot at it! Simon? TIM! TIM! Ahh! Argh! Ahhh! Scott are you ok?! Tim’s dead! Simon lay on the ground Fuck Was that your gun? Is that a cap gun? What was your plan? We were just trying to go to the shotgun Dayton! You see Tim? I killed him! I have to go collect Tim’s badge Consider this an act of peace I have a shield You have a shield? Yep He’s got the vest So he’s down for one but.

.. Well I’d say put it in his neck Tim I’m sorry, you shot at me first, I’m sorry Grab his, grab his uh… Grab his neck band He’s got two! Ok, let’s get out of here I left Simon alive! And he grabs a shotgun! What?! I tried to be nice What?! Scott, bring the BBs Ok Scott Knife fight? Knife fight? Do it Can we agree that I could kill you with this stick? Ya I can do fancy tricks, you better watch out Argh! No I’m not a dick [Laughing] Ok, only torso hits count? Torso hits count Awgh Scott! We were such good friends [Fake sobbing] [Radio] Who’s still alive? I’m alive Poi [Radio] You’re still alive? I kill my teamate [Radio] Prove it, show me the tags I’m sorry Scott I will leave you my doritos And my mountain dew for you to enjoy in the after life Anyway that’s it for this episode guys.

I hope you enjoyed. It’s a little bit longer than usual but you guys have been requesting stuff like that Well if you like this video and want to see more like it, remember to leave a like and a sub And we’ll see you guys on the next one You win Goodbye humanity I can’t live with the fact I killed my teamate That game was so cool!


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