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oh that was a true adventure as well you know it’s always great to be outside but sometimes you want to get indoors take a look – a recent visit we took to battalion airsoft we were at battalion eros off like a welcome back Chris Webster Chris last time you were on our turf now we are on your turf so can you give us an overview what this awesome game is all about hey Marc yes I can we’re getting ready to go play domination it’s one of the many games that we play here we play capture the flag with it quick play king of the hill we play domination you guys are getting ready to engage in battle like playing a giant video game you get spawns you get your life back but it’s full-on action and it’s a load of fun and I could see a lot of smiles out there kids are having fun but let’s talk about airsoft and actually like how fast they travel and is there any pain involved can you break down the after sport well yes there is pain involved but it’s very slight my goal is a business owners to get people to come back so safety is so important so the eye protection is most important once you’ve got that covered then we go over gameplay we talk about the scenarios the game is based on integrity so you have to call your own hits unlike paintball when you have a marker or a paintball blown up on you you know you’re hit in this game if you raise your hand put your gun up in the air go back to your respawn get your life back and then get back in the fight as fast as you can and speaking of paintball you men should be for now this is good night to our viewers that actually hurts a lot more because those bullets are heavier than the little airsoft BB that buys out they are there’s an argument about that but the energy behind a paintball is greater because it’s weighty or it’s heavier so bb’s are smaller they’re lighter and they sting and then it goes away and then you’re back right in the fight and right now it’s a summer time and a lot of parents are out there too trying to figure out something to do with their kids I want them to be active and just get off their iPads or their devices this sounds like a great thing so what do they need as far as gear to come in here and play well really not much we were recommending sleeve shirts gloves are great knuckle shots aren’t worse than anything but it’s really just it’s like get off the couch and get out and play you’re not playing behind the video screen you’re playing in it and that’s what makes it so much fun and then can you describe like the environment in the arena because it is so cool-looking well it’s 40,000 square feet because I’m a native we’ve rebuilt a seaport we have the USS Vicksburg built at the front end of the ship out in the arena we’ve got a fort we call the house we’ve got a seaport it’s just a lot of fun it’s a cool cool layout well I am ready to go and join the rest of the team I like what I do want some gloves over those knuckle shots can you give me up I can take care of you all right let’s go check that out catchin boy Wow that was so much fun I’m sweatin everybody was out there working hard but it was such a good time this is the typical experience right absolutely is you did it yeah and then the other thing too we were talking before it does it hurt it’s not hurt it doesn’t hurt it stings a little bit that’s it but I wore gloves thanks for looking out for me it helps with those knuckle shots hurt Rance how did you like it was awesome Ryan you didn’t really fare that well but how did you like it I did fine it was awesome good save it but thanks again if people want to learn more about this place what’s the best route to go the best route is our website battalion airsoft arena comm all right thanks gang Kris we’ll see you later so there it is battalion airsoft that was a lot of fun something a little different I’ve never done that before have you guys so I hadn’t but I had su hijo we all had microphones on and our producer Justin had headphones on so he’s running around the camera and I’m saying Justin where are they and I was trying to get him to Cheaper me and he well maybe one time what was the best before we started eating was a little apprehensive so she’s like alright somebody shoot me I need if you could just shoot me once say I could stop being afraid I wish we had that iPad I mean it was a lot of fun and speaking of fun we have so much lined up for the rest of the show like I said we’re gonna divide and conquer we’re basically gonna hit everything there is to do here so stick around I’m excited to jump in the water because it’s calling my name and he wore his bathing suit under his clothes like we told him to earlier yeah more to come don’t go anywhere wait we’ll be


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