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welcome back to River City live depending on your County summer break is here or almost here and that means frantically looking for things to keep the kids not just busy but happy too and our next guest definitely has one of those solutions Chris Webster is the owner of battalion airsoft arena and Chris before we even get started and we have a lot to cover we have a prize at the end of this segment valued at $200 at least so that’s exciting and thank you very much it’s appropriate to because it’s family for ah for 4 entries for guns for mass for rentals for fountain drinks okay and we will be getting to that but first tell everybody who has no idea what happens at your place well we’re located at 2253 dentistry have rehabbed a 50,000 square foot building in downtown Jacksonville we’ve been open for five years and it’s like playing a giant video game it’s a lot of fun it’s very safe we use the main primary item is your mask for for protection which are suited up with a airsoft rifle and you play one team against another in a goal based game and it’s usually timed but it’s just a lot of fun I mean we’re looking at some video right now and it looks exciting it does look a lot like a video game and what I really like about this as the mother of a son who definitely loved his airsoft it’s it’s in a safe environment I have neighbors calling me all the time because for one thing you can’t always be there to make sure that the eye protection is warning yet that’s a rule I know that’s strict for you very much so and the guns look real too so you don’t want to take them out in public and use them because you can create your own problems there so airsoft is a fun sport but it’s got to be done in a controlled environment in a safe environment like metallian airsoft what is shooting out a little six millimeter plastic BB it’s a 20 gram BB it’s a very lightweight BB provides a little bit of a punch a staying usually the game I love about it the most it’s based on integrity integrity the individual you have to call your own hits you go back your respawn you get your life back immediately it’s all symbolic you get in their respawn get back into the game as fast as you can and try to achieve the goal the game to win the objective now you have a summer camp we do summer camp starting actually this coming Monday June 5th we still have lots of openings for June July and August there are theme based camps this business actually started with an idea got from my church so I use Christian values in our camp the first camps theme is decisions and discipline so we talk about that all week long we train kids on how to be tactical we bring in trainers to help us do that so it’s just a lot of fun now you have just just today announced and this is only for a week a summer past that means if you have one of these kids it’s gonna want to go back again and again and again and again and it sounds like they will there’s one price to pay so many times we get kids coming day after day after day so what I’ve done just for this segment and for the next week for 250 dollars a child can buy this pass or a player of anybody can buy this pass and play all day every day through the summer so it’s about a twelve hundred and fifty dollar value about a thousand dollar savings so you can show up any time any day we’re open Tuesday through Sunday and use this pass to come in it’ll be virtual it’s online now we put it up on the site live this morning so it’s ready to guess that’s amazing is something else that’s online right now is that great prize packet we told you about which is the four entries it’s the drinks the pizza the four thousand B B’s value the whole thing is valued at $200 and if you go to our Facebook page right now there’s a post there and you will comment as to why you would love to go to battalion airsoft arena I think it should be obvious right you want to go there because it looks like so much fun three five five seven seven seven zero is the phone number and battalion airsoft arena dot-com is the website and of course you can always go back to River City live tv.

com and share this segment with friends that you want to tell them about this great deal maybe get a couple families together and and do this and spend your summer there all right speaking of kids having a good time but also being very safe mark has some important information for us right now self-defense


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